Pickleballdrive.com aims to be the best resource out there for pickleballers who are new to the sport and need a guiding hand for equipment, rules, learning the game and improving beyond the basics. 

Our philosophy for the site is to provide 

  • no nonsense, to the point advice and information about the game of pickleball
  • the best information about how to learn to play the game
  • unbiased reviews of the right equipment for you and your situation
  • easy to understand info on how to improve your game beyond the beginner level

We appreciate you stopping by the site.

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PS- What’s the deal with affiliate commissions? You might notice some notes around the site about the fact that if you click through one of the products we recommend and you buy it, we may get a small commission for it.

Now, don’t worry, this doesn’t increase the cost at all to you. Further, how do you know we stand behind the recommendations we make?

Well, if you happen to buy through one of my links and return it, the site doesn’t make a dime. So we are focused on making the best recommendations for you.


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