Baddle Pickleball Paddle – Pro Circuit Review [New 2021 Paddle]

Overall Judgement: The Baddle Pro Circuit Pickleball Paddle is great for intermediate players looking for excellent control and a strong all-around mid-weight and mid-cost paddle. Just be aware: it’s not cheap and the grip may be preferred by people with larger hands. 

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Baddle pickleball paddles are made by OvareVentures headquartered in Glendale, CA, — a new player on the pickleball paddle scene. In addition to the Pro Circuit paddle, they also sell the Advance paddle as well as a Vera Bradley design line of paddles and other pickleball equipment such as clothing. 

baddle pickleball paddle face
baddle pro circuit pickleball paddle face 2

For this review, I’ll be looking at the Pro Circuit Pickleball Paddle from Baddle in the Geo Crimson color scheme. 


The paddle is standard shape and generally shows up better for the softer, control and spin shots, but is still a solid performer when it comes to power shots and sports a fairly large sweet spot.

Playing with the grip that comes with the paddle, it’s slightly larger than the average paddle, so I would say it’s ideal if you have larger hands. As someone with larger hands, I really liked the way the grip feels both in size and texture. 

baddle pickleball paddle grip


The surface is fiberglass and the core is polymer honeycomb which means it’s quieter than paddles made with other cores.

Size and Weight

This mid-weight paddle weighs between 7.3 and 7.7 ounces so as far as mid-weight paddles go, it’s pretty lightweight.

Now, if you prefer a heavier paddle or want to add some power to your hits with this paddle, you can add some lead tape to the top edge of the paddle (Amazon link).

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The grip circumference is 4.25 inches with a 5.25 inch handle. The overall paddle length is 16 inches and its width is 7.88 inches. Paddle grips can range from 3.6 inches up to 4.6 inches. The most common larger size is 4.5 inches so at 4.25 this is on the larger side and the grip style is rather thick, so, again, probably best if you have larger hands.

pro circuit grip


The Pro Circuit is a bit above the average price for a mid-range paddle at over $120+. 

Other stuff

  • The paddle comes with a black paddle cover and an edge guard
  • USAPA Approved
pro circuit paddle and cover
baddle pickeball box

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