Best Pickleball Shirts for Men [2021]

Over the years, there has become a growing demand for pickleball shirts, as it allows the wearer to not only stand out from their opponents but also to stay cool throughout the game.

That’s where we come in!

Below, you’ll find a review of 4 of the best pickleball shirts currently available to purchase for men, as well as a helpful buying guide to make sure you pick the right one.

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Best Pickleball Shirts

In a hurry? Refresh your pickleball wardrobe with our top pick:

If you’re in a rush and need a recommendation you can count on, the BAYLEAF Quick Dry Short Sleeve T-Shirt should be on your radar. 

If you don’t have the time to read our full review below, here’s a quick breakdown of why it’s great for pickleball: 

  • It is made of a stretchy-mix of both polyester and spandex, which will allow you to move freely and reach for the ball without feeling restricted.
  • For total comfort, it contains ergonomically-stitched seams that won’t irritate you or dig into your skin.
  • It contains reflective tapes and a reflective logo, which ensures your safety if your pickleball match goes overtime! 
  • Contains super soft, quick-drying fabric that will be able to wick away moisture as you sweat, ensuring that you can focus on the game at hand without feeling uncomfortable.


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If you’re the type of pickleball player that likes to work up a sweat, then you’ll want to consider a shirt that will help to wick away moisture!

With that being said, the BALEAF Quick Dry Tee is a great option to go for.

Why? Well, not only is it versatile enough to be worn for numerous other activities (like a visit to the gym) it’s made of softer than soft fabric that features a breathable design.

Thanks to that, if you begin to sweat during your game of pickleball, then this shirt will be able to cleverly wick away moisture so that you stay comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, this stretchy shirt is made of a polyester and spandex blend, which ensures that you’ll be able to move around easily without feeling restricted.

BALEAF has also included ergonomic seams, which will allow for an even easier range of movement. 

Not only that, but this shirt also features reflective tapes which means that, if you happen to play at night, passersby and vehicle drivers will be able to clearly see you.

Plus, there are multiple colorways to choose from, so you can choose to match your teammates or stand out from your competition. 


  • Affordable
  • Multiple fun and vibrant colorways
  • Stretchy, moisture-wicking design


  • Designed to fit a male physique


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On the search for something a little more lightweight? We’ve got you covered.

The Nike Legend Short Sleeve Tee is the perfect choice for those wanting something a little airier.

Available in multiple different colors, the Nike Legend Short Sleeve Tee is a great choice for solo pickleball players, as well as for teammates that want to make a matching statement.

They are made of 100% polyester for a cool and comfortable fit and are made with Nike’s patented Dri-FIT technology that will be able to wick away moisture. 

Wondering how? Well, as soon as you begin to work up a sweat, the Dri-FIT fabrication will begin to ‘pull’ the sweat away from your body in order to keep you dry.

Not just that, but thanks to an innovative flat seam stitching design, you’ll be able to move freely without any scratching or irritation. 

Another plus-point of the Nike Legend Short Sleeve Tee is its design.

Just like the name suggests, this Nike tee features a short sleeve cut that will allow you to stay cool and non-restricted, which makes it a great choice for pickleball players that live in a warmer climate.


  • Made with Dri-FIT technology
  • Short-sleeve design for optimum comfort
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive


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If you’re a pickleball player on a budget, a great shirt that won’t break the bank is the Holure Men’s Mesh Quick-Dry Short Sleeve Workout Shirt.

Offering premium features at a more affordable price point, this shirt is made of 100% polyester with a mesh fabric finish.

Ideal for all kinds of sports activities (not just pickleball sessions) this tee is made of quick-drying fabric that will be able to wick away moisture as you begin to sweat. 

Thanks to its elasticity, the synthetic fiber, and polyester fabric mix will allow for an enhanced range of motion, while the flat seam stitching will ensure that the top’s interior sits smoothly on your skin without causing any scratchiness or itching. 

Plus, made with comfortability and convenience in mind, this shirt features a crew-neck design that won’t feel restrictive.

As it’s so stretchy, this lightweight training t-shirt will ensure that you can enjoy a total range of movement without feeling restricted, while it’s short-sleeve design will ensure that you’ll stay cool - no matter how intense the game gets!

Another plus point of the Holure Men’s Mesh Quick-Dry Short Sleeve Workout Shirt is that it has been made to be suitable for machine washing.

This means that, after the game, all you’ll have to do is throw it into your washer and you’ll be good to go until your next pickleball session. 


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Multiple colors
  • Moisture-wicking fabric


  • Some have reported that stitching can unravel


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To offer you a slight alternative to a standard t-shirt design, why not consider going for the DRI-EQUIP Long Sleeve Moisture Wicking Athletic Shirt, which features a fitted, long-sleeve design.

This long-sleeve workout shirt from DRI-EQUIP is made of 100% polyester with a cooling, polyester lining that will help to effectively regulate your temperature while you play.

The polyester fabric is also moisture-wicking, which means that it will be able to draw moisture away from your skin so that you can stay as comfortable as possible.

Not just that, but this shirt is lightweight and comfortable, with many people remarking, despite the fitted cut, that it feels as though they aren’t even wearing a shirt.

As far as comfortability goes, we don’t think it gets much better than that. What’s more, it features flat seams, so that you can wear this without any scratchiness. 

The best part? These long-sleeve shirts are super comfortable and come in multiple different colors, so you can add a touch of fun to each game, or mix and match depending on your mood.

It’s ideal for pickleball teammates that want to match! 

Plus, as this long-sleeve shirt is so versatile, you can even wear it for other activities, such as hitting the gym. 


  • Long-sleeve style, ideal for outdoor pickleball games
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • Might not be suitable for those who want a roomier fit

Best Pickleball Shirts Buying Guide

Though pickleball has no ‘set’ requirements for what kind of clothing to wear, you should still be sure to choose a shirt that will be able to keep you comfortable and cool.

So, to help you along with making a selection, check out this helpful guide below for key features your pickleball top should have: 

Moisture-wicking properties

In our opinion, this is by far the most important feature your pickleball shirt (or shirts) should have.

The reason? Well, seeing as pickleball is a fast-paced sport and will require you to move around, you can bet that, at some point or another, you’re going to start to work up a sweat! 

When this occurs, a shirt with moisture-wicking fabric (or some other kind of anti-sweat technology) will be able to help regulate your temperature and keep you feeling cool during the game by pulling sweat away from your body.

Pretty clever, right? The best part is that moisture-wicking fabric is used in almost all sports tee-shirts, so you can grab one for a bargain. 

Comfortable fit

Just ask any pickleball player what the most important part of their outfit is, and we’ll bet they’ll tell you that it’s comfort!

The last thing you want is to purchase a shirt that is too restrictive, as this means that you want to be able to enjoy a total range of movement, and that might have a detrimental effect on your game result.

A great indicator of comfort are materials such as polyester and other kinds of ‘stretchy’ synthetic fabrics, as they will fit to your body without being uncomfortable or tight.

Another plus point of fabrics such as polyester and spandex is how lightweight they are!

Many pickleball players prefer to wear lightweight shirts so that they can move quickly without feeling weighed down.

The style

Now, though the style and color won’t have anything to do with the performance of the shirt, it will contribute to the way that you feel wearing it!

As the old saying goes: if you look good, you’ll feel good, and lots of pickleball players like to wear shirts that have vibrant and fun colors. 

Perhaps you have a specific color in mind, or maybe you and your friends want to purchase matching tops but in different colors.

Whatever the reason may be, pickleball is a sport that often celebrates the fun side of the sport, as opposed to the competitive, and this is often reflected in the types of clothing worn.

Some pickleball players even choose to wear shirts that have funny slogans written on them - it’s entirely your preference. 

How easy it will be to clean

Another feature that you should consider before making a purchase is how easy it is going to be to clean and take care of.

Usually, your t-shirt should be suitable for washing machines, though this is not always the case, so we recommend double-checking before you make your selection.

For example, some sports shirts that are made with materials like spandex sometimes require a hand wash so that they do not shrink in the machine.

This might be a potential drawback for some, so we recommend making sure whether or not your shirt is machine washable. 


This isn’t the main priority, though we still think it’s worth considering.

Nowadays, lots of gym and workout shirts are being made with more advanced technology than ever before, and some of those technologies are perfect for games such as pickleball. 

For example, the Under Armour Ladies Shirt we shortlisted in our review contains anti-microbial properties, which not only prevents microbes and bacteria from harboring within the fabric but also prevents any odors from developing.

Though these may be deemed as ‘nice to haves’ rather than essential, these types of innovative features will certainly come in handy while playing fast-paced, engaging sports like pickleball, which is why we recommend that you consider looking out for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best pickleball shirt?

This is a great question, simply because there’s no right answer!

Unlike other types of sports, pickleball is considered to be more of a recreational sport as opposed to competitive, which means that you can wear just about anything you like, so long as you feel comfortable, of course!

All of the shirts we have recommended above are great choices to consider, especially as each shirt we’ve selected contains a kind of moisture-wicking material that will help to keep you cool.

What do pickleball players wear?

Usually, pickleball players will wear standard sports clothing like shorts, a pair of comfy sneakers, and a cool, loose shirt.

Although, just like we mentioned above, as pickleball has no set dress code, you have plenty of freedom to style your own outfit.

Believe it or not, as pickleball takes elements from tennis, it is not uncommon to see players donning tennis-style outfits (tennis-style dresses are very popular for women pickleball players). 

Is there a uniform for pickleball?

No! There are no set-uniforms for pickleball. Though informal competitions, you might find teams sporting the same outfit, there are no requirements for clothing.

It’s entirely up to you! Usually, most people opt for comfortable, free-fitting clothes that allow them to move without feeling restricted in any way.

Many people also choose to wear fun and colorful clothing to express themselves and add a touch of vibrancy to their outfits. 

What should I look for in a pickleball shirt?

Like we mentioned above in our buying guide, when selecting a shirt for pickleball you should select one that is going to be comfortable, as well as providing you with moisture-wicking capabilities.

This way, you’ll be able to stay cool throughout the game, without needing to change your top.

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