Best Books on Pickleball in 2023 To Up Your Game

While consistent practice is the best way to improve your game, reading up on the techniques and strategies used by some of the best pickleball players can definitely give you a leg up in competitions.

Improve your pickleball strategy with hits like “Smart Pickleball” or work on your mental game with books like “Mind Game.” It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert player, staples like “The Pickleball Bible” are a must-read!

Sharpen your mental and technical skills with some of the best books on pickleball available. This list has something for everyone.

Why Read a Book on Pickleball?

Now you may be thinking, why waste time reading a book when I could spend that time on the court? And while there is no replacement for consistent practice, you need to read up to get the most out of your play time. 

After all, repeating the same movements won’t help you improve until you explore the various strategies and techniques outlined by some of the sport’s biggest players! Some of the best pickleball books will give you a run down on the rules and procedures, technical and mental strategies you’ll need to win at tournaments.

This list should help you find the best books to fit your skill level and requirements!

Best Pickleball Books For Beginners

It always helps to have a guide to help you brush up on the basic rules and scoring formulas before a match. These pickleball staples are ideal for beginners who want to understand how the game works.

1. Pickleball Fundamentals

This official guide published by the USA Pickleball Association is one of the basic guidelines all pickleball players should definitely read.

Pickleball Fundamentals breaks down all of the basic shots including the serve and return, lob, drop, groundstroke, dink, and overhead smash. Once you learn how to properly execute these basic techniques you’ll be ready to start playing in tournaments. 

With more than 40 drills to help you practice, Pickleball Fundamentals is one of the best guides for beginners to invest in. The book will run you through different scenarios and work out the best plays. It has great content for both singles and doubles players.

2. How To Play Pickleball

How to play pickleball: the complete guide is one of the best-selling books in the game. Written by Joe Baker and Coach Mo, the book serves as a starting point for many beginners and is backed by Baker’s detailed series of video tutorials.

As two of the best tournament coaches, Mo and Baker have compiled some of their best strategies in this comprehensive guide that comes complete with pictures, diagrams, and explanations to help players get started.

What sets this guide apart from the rest is definitely it’s pacing. The book starts with basic rules and later breaks down advanced strategies that can benefit players at all skill levels. You’ll learn important skills like shot selection and player positioning which are incredibly important in competitive pickleball.

3. The Pickleball Bible

The Pickleball Bible by Dr. Rick Lambson and Tim Finger is a complete guide for the avid pickleball player. It starts off with some of the basic rules, followed by a beginner strategy guide and then some helpful mental coaching for competitive players.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to help you win pickleball tournaments this is definitely a good buy. We highly recommend the Pickleball Bible for any beginners who want to develop their skills, learn essential strategies, and strengthen their mental game for competitive play! 

Best Pickleball Books For Strategy

Players who want to win tournaments and enter the world of competitive pickleball will absolutely need to brush up on strategy and gameplay. These books cover subjects like shot selection, returning serves, dinking procedure, and other moves from the experts’ repertoires. Learn from the best in the game with these professional tips!

4. At The Line Pickleball

Popular for his premium pickleball strategy videos Joe Baker has compiled some of his best strategic tips and tricks in this complete guide. At the Line explores the various techniques doubles players can use to improve their strategic play and communication.

The interactive tutorials and quizzes are great at helping beginners integrate the strategies into their practice sessions on the court. At The Line teaches winning doubles pickleball strategy and is a must-read for any team that wants to take the next step in their pickleball journey.

While the book is geared towards doubles play, single players can also benefit from some of the techniques taught in this book!

5. Smart Pickleball

Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate player, the Smart Pickleball strategies will help you elevate your gameplay to new levels. This technical guide comes from professional players Prem Carnot and Wendy Garrido.

The 166-page book features colorful diagrams and helpful explanations for all the various shots players can take. The roll-play scenarios will work you through the best steps to take in a variety of situations. If you want to implement these strategies on the court, you’ll definitely notice a huge improvement in your game.

Plus, the final section comes with a complete breakdown of the third shot drop, including when to play it, how to use it, and the technical expertise needed to follow through.

Best Pickleball Books To Improve Your Mental Game

If you want to play competitively you’ll need to sharpen your mental game as much as your technical game. Building your self-confidence and learning how to face an opponent on the court, undeterred, is the key to winning tournaments! 

These guides will give you the tools you need to fully immerse yourself in the sport and succeed professionally.

6. Pickleball Zen

An unconventional approach to teaching pickleball, Coach Om believes that the mental strategies in pickleball are as important as the technical strategies. 

His guide teaches professional players how to recalibrate their minds, so they’re geared to win every time they step onto the court. 

Pickleball Zen is the perfect book for players entering the competitive sphere. After all, any professional player will tell you that learning how to deal with the stress of competitive playing is more than half the job. 

Once you have that under control you’re on a surefire path to success!

7. Mind Game

Pickleball guru and registered psychotherapist Neil Schulenburg explores the cerebral aspects of pickleball strategy in his acclaimed book Mind Game.

From lessons on dealing with victory and coping with defeat to chapters on perception, this comprehensive guide delves into the topic of mental strength.

Mind Game is an excellent resource for any players who want to win tournaments or play competitively. These tips and strategies from a certified pickleball professional will prepare you for the world of competitive sports.

8. Pickleball 5.0

One of the best guides on the art of pickleball, this book is a masterclass in pickleball strategy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate or expert level, Pickleball 5.0 has something for everyone!

The book offers a complete overview of strategy and techniques that will prepare any player for serious tournament play. With illustrated stroke techniques, the diagrams and detailed explanations make it easy to visualize the various concept and implement them on the court in real-time!

As a professional baseball, table tennis, and pickleball coach, Phil Dunmeyer breaks down complicated techniques into bite-sized steps that let players improve their game. So if you’re looking for a complete guide with tips, drills, and explanations this is definitely the book for you!

Kindle or Audible for Busy Folks

Extensive pickleball knowledge is essential if you want to win tournaments. And these pickleball strategies from some of the sport’s most qualified professionals are the best way for you to get to the top. 

Plus, even if you don’t have time to pick up a pickleball book you can always find kindle or audible versions for some of the best guides available. Listen to these while you train and get the most out of your time of the court!


While private pickleball lessons are definitely the best way to improve your game, doing your own research can help you get the most out of your practice. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best books on pickleball to help you out. 

All of these books have been written by experienced players and give you insight into solid techniques that will better your performance on the court.

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