Difference Between Pickleball and Racquetball: Top 5

Do you know what is the difference between pickleball and racquetball? Then, don’t worry I will tell you that via this article. Though pickleball and racquetball are racket sports, there are huge differences between those two sports. Both of them are played by paddle, but the composition of the paddles is different. Like paddle, ball, court, shoes, rules, regulations, serving, volleying, and the point system are also different. You will get to know full details about all the differences between pickleball and racquetball. So let’s take a deep dive into this.

What is the difference between pickleball and racquetball: The Answer

This is a quick answer: As I told you before both sports look similar, but a huge difference between those two games. Pickleball is played by a perforated plastic ball. but racquetball is played with a rubber ball. Both the games can be played indoors and outdoors respectively. The rules and regulations of both games are also different from each other.

Pickleball Vs Racquetball

In this section of the article, we will discuss about difference between pickleball and racquetball. This will help you to understand the game more prominently. So let’s start-

Court and Equipment

1. Court


Pickleball courts are usually larger. The net is placed comparatively low. There is also a non-volley zone present in front of the net.


The court size of racquetball is smaller than pickleball. But the net is comparatively higher than pickleball.

2. Paddle


Pickleball paddles are usually made of graphite, carbon, composite, etc. There are tiny holes on the surface of the pickleball paddle. There is also a honeycomb core inside the pickleball paddle. These types of paddles can be lighter or heavier.


Racquetball paddles are similar to pickleball paddles and also smaller in size. That is why it produces more power while playing shots.

3. Ball


Balls of pickleball are often made up of plastic. There are numerous holes on the surface of the ball. For this reason, it produces less bounce. Though indoor and outdoor pickleball balls are slightly different from each other.


The racquetball ball is made up of solid rubber. The size of this ball is small. That is the main reason for its bounce. I hope these features will help you to understand the difference between pickleball and racquetball.

difference between  pickleball and racquetball


1. Serve


Pickleball serve is an underhand type. After serve the ball must bounce once before your opponent volleys.


You can serve any type like overhand or underhand. There are no particular rules for the bounce of the ball.

2. Volley


You can not volley a ball in the non-volley zone in pickleball. Also, you can not volley close to the net.


Look racquetball is a very fast-paced game. Its aggressiveness allows you to volley the ball from anywhere on the court.

3. Scoring


The pickleball scoring system is just similar to the tennis ball. You can win the game by the margin of two points.


On the other hand racquetball scoring system is slightly different from pickleball. Generally, players win by 11 points.



Pickleball is very popular for its unique playing style. The game is comparatively easier to learn than other sports. Besides maintaining your physical fitness this game provides you a social interaction. That is why it keeps you fit physically as well as mentally. you can also play pickleball both indoors and outdoors.


These comparisons will give you a clear idea of the difference between pickleball and racquetball. Racquetball is not as easy as pickleball. It demands athleticism and power for its fast-paced nature. This high-intensity game is played on a comparatively smaller court and it uses a wall for playing.

Final Thoughts

In a very short, you can say that, pickleball and racquetball look similar. But there is a huge difference between pickleball and racquetball. There are also some differences in the court elements of both games like service box, receiving line, no. of walls, strategy, rules, regulations, etc, and so on. But you can say that pickleball is very similar to racquetball and also more player-friendly.


1. What are the balls in pickleball called?

Ans: The balls of pickleball are called Wiffleball.

2. Can I practice pickleball in a racquetball court?

Ans: Yes you can play. But before playing there are various kinds of adjustments you have to make.

3. Why is called padel?

Ans: The ‘Padel’ word originated from the Spanish language.

4. What is the difference between pickleball and racquetball?

Ans: Well, there are so many differences between those two sports. Like playing style, intensity, paddle, ball, court, rules, regulations, and so on.

5. Can the ball bounce in racquetball?

Ans: The ball can only bounce, once the ball hits on the floor.

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