Pickleball accessories you didn’t know you needed

Check out some of our best recommendations for rounding out your gear with some excellent equipment you didn’t even realize you needed. These are the best designed products for each task that we could find in our search.

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To pick up pickleballs

Give your back a rest after a tough practice session. If you’re practicing and need to pick up a bunch of balls, check out these pickleball picker uppers – otherwise known as pickleball ball hoppers or pickleball baskets:

  1. Tourna Pickleball Tube is a good quality pickleball picker that enables you to stop bending over to pick those balls up. Just press the tube, and the pickleball will get sucked in. The tube can comfortably hold up to 17 pickleballs. And you can use it to hold both outdoor and indoor balls.

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  2. Tourna Pickleball ball collector allows you to pick up to 45 balls. The Caddy Wheels comfortably allow you to maneuver it from one place to another with the castors as you move around the pickleball court to gather all the pickleballs.

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  3. Kollectaball Collector is a simple to use pickleball collector that you can also use to collect tennis balls. It can comfortably house up to 40 balls. And it has an easy-release system to dispense the balls too. You can use this collector equipment on any surface or in any weather condition.

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For holding pickleballs while you play

Whether you’re practicing or playing an intense game, these ball holders will free you up to focus on your game, not wrangling errant pickleballs:

  1. Tourna Pickleball Ball Band is a solid choice when it comes to ball holder while you are playing. It is made of cotton and other fibers and is very breathable. The band can fit over your pants or shorts, and it can comfortably hold two extra pickleballs for you while you are playing.

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  2. Ballszie Pickle Holder is a holder that can accommodate up to 8 pickleballs at a time, and you can comfortably wear it on your back and get on with the game. Also, you can adjust the fitting according to your preferences.

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If you’re getting serious or you’re planning on running a tournament, a highly visible scoreboard for your scorekeeper is a must. (Send the scorekeeper this scorekeeping guide to brush up on the rules.) Here are some good quality scoreboards that you can use to up the ante a bit:

  1. The BSN Sports Scorekeeper has four 6-inch score digits and one 2.5-inch period digit (1 to 5). You can score up to 99 points per game and each side. And the best part is that you don’t need to assemble it. Its dimensions are 11×23 inches, and it lays flat for easy storage as well.

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  2. Upstreet Portable Scorekeeper is another great option to keep your score. You can keep score for 2 or even 3 people. The numbers go all the way up to 99 for each number section.

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Paddle grips

For any level of the game, pickleball paddle grips are very useful. They enable you to maintain a steady grip and play those strokes comfortably. While I covered the best paddle grips and overgrips here, below are a couple summaries:

  1. Prolite Diamond Grip is a good quality grip that you can use for your pickleball paddle as well as other paddles of tennis, racquetball, squash, and badminton. This grip prevents sweat from dripping down, making it hard for you to grip your paddles.

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  2. Gamma Pickleball Paddle Grip enables you to keep your grip steady, and it is extra tacky as well featuring zorbican gel. You’ll feel how phenomenal are material, flexibility, stitching, and cushion. Now you won’t lose your grip due to sweat.

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Wearing gloves while playing pickleball will decrease the risk of getting calluses, blisters, or bruises on your hands. Here are a couple of options that you can give a try.

  1. Franklin Pickleball Glove is a good quality glove that will allow you to maintain a steady grip on your paddle. There are knuckle gussets present as well for better breathability. And the inner grip is present too with fatigue relieving padding. 

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  2. Franklin Pickleball Glove has fatigue relieving padding that helps you perform better during the grueling conditions. Different sizes are available, and it is the official glove for US Pickleball Championship tournaments.

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Not satisfied with our accessories recommendations?!? If you’re looking for more, we’ve already tackled some other stuff you might be interested in:

Final Word

Do you have any recommendations for the best pickleball accessories out there? Leave a comment below or drop me an email at ryan@pickleballdrive.com.

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