USAPA Approved Paddles – Complete List and Requirements (Updated: July 2021)

As of today (July 24, 2021) there are 1,007 officially approved pickleball paddles by the USAPA.

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Note: if you’re playing in a tournament, you should pay particular attention to these rules and the list of approved paddles because playing with a non-approved paddle or a paddle that is approved but is modified to be out of compliance, you will either need to change the paddle out before you start playing or, if discovered while playing, may cause a match to be forfeited.

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Summary of USAPA Pickleball Paddle Rules and Requirements

  • Material: needs to be rigid and non-compressible material
  • Surface: Can’t contain holes, indentations, rough texturing that allow a player to add additional spin on the ball.
  • Paint: The surface may be painted but must otherwise adhere to the general surface requirements.
  • Reflection: Cannot be overly reflective, such that it has the potential to negatively affect the vision of opposing player(s).
  • Designs: Any writing or pictures on the paddle must be in good taste.
  • Size: The combined length and width, including any edge guard and butt cap, shall not exceed 24 inches. The paddle length cannot exceed 17 inches. There is no restriction on paddle thickness.
  • Weight: There is no restriction on paddle weight.
  • Alterations: The only alterations or additions that may be made to a commercially made paddle are edge guard tape, lead tape, changes to the grip size or grip wrap, and name decals and/or other identification markings on the paddle face. Decals and tape can extend no farther than 1.0 inch above the top of the grip nor more than 0.5 inch inside the outer edge of a paddle or, if an edge guard is in place, 0.5 inch inside the edge guard. Handwritten markings are allowed on the paddle’s playing surface as long as they do not impact the surface roughness and are in good taste. No aftermarket graphics are allowed on a commercially made paddle other than “handwritten” pen markings.
  • Prohibited Surface Features and Mechanical Features:
    • Anti-skid paint or any paint textured with sand, rubber particles, or any material that causes additional spin.
    • Rubber and synthetic rubber.
    • Sandpaper characteristics.
    • Moving parts that can increase head momentum.
    • Removable parts. No removable parts except for paddle grip adjustments and/or grip wraps and lead tape on the paddle edge.
    • Springs or spring-like material.
    • Flexible membranes or any compressible material that creates a trampoline effect.
    • Electrical, electronic, or mechanical assistance of any sort.
  • Model Designation: The manufacturer must have a clearly marked brand and model name or model number on the paddle. Paddles with different core material, surface material, or other significant differences must have a unique name or number. The brand and model information may be shown on the paddle by a manufacturer affixed decal.
  • Homemade Paddles are not allowed.

Complete list of approved USAPA Approved Paddles as of July 24, 2021

1402Laser Sport Products
1403Laser Sport Products
1404Laser Sport Products
200A-LSelkirk Sports
200A-XLSelkirk Sports
200ALSelkirk Sports
200P-LSelkirk Sports
200P-XLSelkirk Sports
20P-XLSelkirk Sports
21P-XL EpicSelkirk Sports
30 P XL EpicSelkirk Sports
300ALSelkirk Sports
300AWSelkirk Sports
300AXLSelkirk Sports
300N-Max, LegendSelkirk Sports
4.0 TouchPerformance One Paddles (POP)
5.0 Dual Core TouchPerformance One Paddles (POP)
5.0 XL TouchPerformance One Paddles (POP)
7.5 Dual Core TouchPerformance One Paddles (POP)
ActionPAC Pickleball Paddles
ActivatorFranklin Sports
AdrenelinePAC Pickleball Paddles
AdvanceBaddle Pickleball
Advance XT GripBaddle Pickleball
AdvancedITZA Sports
AIRTEKAccufli Inc
AlBaSun City Pickleball Paddles (SCPbP)
AlphaUpstreet Sport Co.
Aluminum CoreZZT Sports
Aluminum Core w vinyl faceZZT Sports
Aluminum Max HC/AMHC HybridPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Aluminum Max/HC L/HPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Aluminum XL 5.0 HybridPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Aluminum XL 5.0/AXL5.OHCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Aluminum XL HybridPerformance One Paddles (POP)
AMHCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Amped InviktaSelkirk Sports
Amped Invikta LiteSelkirk Sports
ApexChampion Sports
Armor 215gAramid Sports
Armor 220gAramid Sports
ArrowCombat Paddles Company
AscendTMPR Sports
Ascend LXTMPR Sports
Assassin ProPikNinja Sports
ATHCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Atlas GraphiteSLK By Selkirk
AtomicGamma Sports
Atomic 2.0Gamma Sports
Attack 2.0Pickle-Ball Inc.
Attack Graphite-AluminumPickle-Ball Inc.
AttitudeOnix Sports
Autosan Graphite /Aramid Honeycomb Core Classic BH-1.2Autosan Sports
Avant FPXPlayer’s Pickleball
Avenger CF, EQ9GPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Avenger CFXPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Avenger EQ9-88PaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Avenger XPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Avenger XL, EQ9-88XLPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Avenger XLC, EQ9-XLGPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Avenger XLCXPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Avenger XLXPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
AxiomArmour Pickleball
AxisArmour Pickleball
AXL HCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
B2Pro-Lite Sports
BallBusterPickle Pro, LLC
BallBuster HeavyPickle Pro, LLC
BallBuster LightPickle Pro, LLC
BansheeFranklin Pickleball
Bantam EX-LPaddletek
Bantam EX-L ProPaddletek
Bantam EX-L Yates EditionPaddletek
Bantam TS-5Paddletek
Bantam TS-5 ProPaddletek
BarracudaPAC Pickleball Paddles
BarricadePickle Pro, LLC
BeastBaseline Racket Sports
Ben Johns Signature 16Franklin Sports
Ben Johns Signature ModelFranklin Sports
BH-1.1Autosan Sports
Big BoySingleton
Big Boy ProSingleton
Big Boy SlimSingleton
Big Boy Slim ProSingleton
Big DillOK Pickleball
Big DogEngage Pickleball
Big FootManta World Sport
BirAlBaSun City Pickleball Paddles (SCPbP)
BirBaSun City Pickleball Paddles (SCPbP)
Black MambaPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Black WidowYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Black Widow IIYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Black Widow XYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
BlasterPROLITE Sports
Blue ChallengerFranklin Pickleball
Blue VoltFranklin Pickleball
BlurNewFit Sports
BlurKaos Pickleball
BoltPro-Lite Sports
BoltPro Aviana
BoomPickleball Partner
Boomer Signature SeriesBoomer Pickleball, LLC
Boomer Signature Series – Grizzly PaddleBoomer Pickleball, LLC
Boomer Signature Series – Honeycomb PaddleBoomer Pickleball, LLC
Boomer Signature Series – Rosie PaddleBoomer Pickleball, LLC
Brick*House RETRO 85Brick*House Paddles
BullettPAC Pickleball Paddles
ButterflyYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
C-4PC Pickleball Paddles
CambriaAmazin’ Aces
Canuck CF4Pickleball Depot
Canuck Edge GraphiteApex Pickleball
Canuck ProManta World Sport
CarbonXenon Paddle LLC
Carbon Fiber: 8K Pro-SeriesdiNGKsports, Inc.
Carbon XLPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
CentreFranklin Sports
ChallengerFranklin Pickleball
Champion EclipsePickle-Ball Inc.
Champion Fiberglass-AluminumPickle-Ball Inc.
Champion Graphite 2.0Pickle-Ball Inc.
Champion Graphite ElitePickleball, Inc.
Champion Graphite Series IIPickle-Ball Inc.
Champion Graphite XPickleball, Inc.
Champion Graphite XLPickleball, Inc.
Champion Graphite-NomexPickle-Ball Inc.
Champion LTPickle-Ball Inc.
Champion PolyProPickle-Ball Inc.
Champion SparkPickle-Ball Inc.
Changes in LatitudesHEAD
Chaos AThird Shot Drop
Chaos BThird Shot Drop
Chaos CThird Shot Drop
Chaos DThird Shot Drop
Chaos EThird Shot Drop
Chaos FThird Shot Drop
Chaos GThird Shot Drop
Chaos HThird Shot Drop
Chaos IThird Shot Drop
Christine McGrath SignatureFranklin Sports
Chrome NRGPro-Lite Sports
ClassicPickle Pro, LLC
ClassicPure Pickleball
ClassicGolden Pickleball
Classic Composite PaddlePro-Lite Sports
Classic ForcePickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Classic GraphitePickleball Central
Classic LitePickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Classic Lite IIPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Classic-KGZZT Sports
ClubPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Club IgniteApex Pickleball
Club PaddlePaddletek
CM Signature 16Franklin Sports
CNPlayer’s Pickleball
CobraManta World Sport
Cobra LiteManta World Sport
Combat AlphaCombat Paddles Company
Combat StrikebladeCombat Paddles Company
COMPASSGamma Sports
COMPASS LHGamma Sports
CompetitionPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Composite Aero-D PaddlePro-Lite Sports
Composite Extreme PaddleOnix Sports
Composite Magnum Size PaddlePro-Lite Sports
Composite Slammer PaddleOnix Sports
Composite Stinger PaddleOnix Sports
Composite Storm PaddleOnix Sports
Composite Stryker PaddleOnix Sports
Composite Z5Onix Sports
Contour-KGZZT Sports
CoreValley Pickleball
Core-2Onix Sports
Core-2 GraphiteOnix Sports
CosmicAmazin’ Aces
CosmoBaseline Racket Sports
Cosmo ProBaseline Racket Sports
CosmosIntersport North America (INA)
CovertPro-Lite Sports
CPPlayer’s Pickleball
Crown JewelMonarch Pickleball
Crown Jewel 2Monarch Pickleball (Dick’s Sporting Goods)
CrushDot Pickle Ball
CrushPro-Lite Sports
Crush PowerSpin 2.0PROLITE Sports
CubPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
CurfmasterUniker Sport Co.
Custom ProManta World Sport
Cylon Al-CManta World Sport
CypherPro-Lite Sports
DaggerFranklin Pickleball
DartGamma Sports
Decker Game Day PaddleDecker
Decker Pro Poly EPD Elongated PaddleDecker
Decker Pro Poly EPD PaddleDecker
Decker Pro Pop Performance PaddleDecker
Destiny Pro Honeycomb CoreManta World Sport
DestroyerPAC Pickleball Paddles
Diadora KatanaIntersport North America (INA)
DiamondBlue Pickleball
Diller Wood PaddlePickle-Ball Inc.
DinkPickleball Partner
Dink D-101Dink Sports
Dink Master 3.0Dinkum®
DiscoveryGamma Sports
DominatorBaseline Racket Sports
DomitorFranklin Sports
DoodleUpstreet Sport Co.
Double TroubleYour Pickleball Place
Doubles ConfidencePickleball Nut
Dragon SlayerMonarch Pickleball
DuchessMonarch Pickleball (Dick’s Sporting Goods)
E-Glass/HCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Eastpoint PrizmEastpoint Sports Ltd.
Eastport ChampionEastport Pickleball LLC
EchoWilson Sporting Goods
Echo CarbonWilson Sporting Goods
Echo TeamWilson Sporting Goods
EclipseE-TAP Tech
EdgeOnix Sports
EdgePickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Edgeless HighWinHighWin
Electrum ProElectrum Pickleball
Elite “Finesse”Pickle-Ball Inc.
Elite “Power”Pickle-Ball Inc.
Elite “Skill”Pickle-Ball Inc.
Elite Graphite-AluminumPickle-Ball Inc.
Elite Graphite-New Paper CorePickle-Ball Inc.
Elite Model Regular Size GraphitePickle-Ball Inc.
Elite ProEngage Pickleball
Elite Pro BladeEngage Pickleball
Elite Pro MaverickEngage Pickleball
Elite Pro WidebodyEngage Pickleball
Elite Pro X-SeriesEngage Pickleball
Elite Series II FinessePickle-Ball Inc.
Elite Series II PowerPickle-Ball Inc.
EmeraldAmazin’ Aces
EncoreEngage Pickleball
Encore 6.0Engage Pickleball
Encore 6.0 EXEngage Pickleball
Encore 6.0 MXEngage Pickleball
Encore BladeEngage Pickleball
Encore GPEngage Pickleball
Encore LITEEngage Pickleball
Encore ProEngage Pickleball
Encore Tear DropEngage Pickleball
Encore X SeriesEngage Pickleball
Encore XLEngage Pickleball
EnergeticJP WinLook LLC
Energy ProWilson
Epic AmpedSelkirk Sports
Epic Amped LiteSelkirk Sports
Equinox LTRevolin
Equinox Reach MidweightRevolin Sports
EV II Aluminum CoreZZT Sports
EVO Basic #1515ZZT Sports
EVO Classic-KGZZT Sports
EVO Classic-QZZT Sports
EvokeOnix Sports
Evoke PremierOnix Sports
Evoke Premier LightOnix Sports
Evoke ProOnix Sports
Evoke XLOnix
ExcelInspired Pickleball
Explorer ProNiupipo
ExtremeManta World Sport
Extreme .5Manta World Sport
Extreme .5 LiteManta World Sport
Extreme EliteHEAD
Extreme LiteHEAD
Extreme ProHEAD
Extreme Pro LHEAD
Extreme TourHead
Extreme Tour LiteHead
Extreme Tour MAXHead
FADHudef Sports
FeatherDuck Paddles (formerly Pickleball Pros)
FILA ClassicFit For Life
Fins to the LeftHEAD
Fins UpHead
Firefly MaxYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Firefly MiniYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
FlareOnix Sports
Fleur de lis Honeycomb CoreManta World Sport
FocusInspired Pickleball
FoxRiverStyks LLC
Fox 2.0RiverStyks LLC
FPPlayer’s Pickleball
Full of Youth & VigorIanoni
FuryBaseline Racket Sports
FuryPAC Pickleball Paddles
Fury ProBaseline Racket Sports
FuseChampion Sports
FusionGamma Sports
Fusion 2.0Gamma Sports
Fusion LEGamma Sports
Fusion ProGamma Sports
Fusion WidebodyGamma Sports
FuzionZZT Sports
Fuzion ProZZT Sports
G-TekProTek Paddles (Wild Sales, LLC)
GalaxyAmazin’ Aces
GAMMA ConquerorGamma Sports
GAMMA OdysseyGamma Sports
GAMMA TyphoonGamma Sports
Gearbox 7oz TeardropGearbox
Gearbox 8oz TeardropGearbox
Gearbox 9oz TeardropGearbox
Gearbox G11Gearbox
Gearbox G2Gearbox
Gearbox G7Gearbox
Gearbox GH7Gearbox
Gearbox GH7LGearbox
Gearbox GX5Gearbox
Genesis PROPaddletek
GF-200Advanced Recreation Design (A.R.D)
GH7+ – 13mmGearbox
GleagleUniker Sport Co.
GMHCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Golden AxeMonarch Pickleball
Golden WingsSports Adventure
Graphite Aero-D PaddlePro-Lite Sports
Graphite BlasterPro-Lite Sports
Graphite Enforcer PaddlePro-Lite Sports
Graphite Extreme PaddleOnix Sports
Graphite ImpactPro-Lite Sports
Graphite MagikPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Graphite Max 5.0Performance One Paddles (POP)
Graphite Max GMHCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Graphite Max HC/GMHCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Graphite Phantom WidebodyOnix Sports
Graphite Slammer PaddleOnix Sports
Graphite Storm PaddleOnix Sports
Graphite Stryker PaddleOnix Sports
Graphite TriggerPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Graphite TTPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Graphite Z5Onix Sports
Graphite ZenOnix Sports
Gravity LHHead
Gravity LiteHead
Gravity SHHead
GrippyArtem Nechesa
GroovePro-Lite Sports
Growing older but not upHead
GTHCPerformance One Paddles (POP)
GuardianEngage Pickleball
Guardian II WidebodyEngage Pickleball
GX5 7.8 Control SeriesGearbox
GX5 8.5 Control SeriesGearbox
GX6 7.8 Control SeriesGearbox
GX6 7.8 Power SeriesGearbox
GX6 8.5 oz Control SeriesGearbox
GX6 8.5 Power Series – Joey Farias Signature ModelGearbox
HammerHudef Sports
HD3.0Hudef Sports
HD5Hudef Sports
Heat IIYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Helio Carbon Graphite Performance PaddleArmour Pickleball
Helio Composite Performance PaddleArmour Pickleball
HellbenderGamma Sports
HF-100Advanced Recreation Design (A.R.D)
Hudef HB2.0Hudef Sports
HUDEF HD4.0Hudef Sports
HUDEF HD4.1Hudef Sports
HUDEF HD4.2Hudef Sports
HUDEF HD4.3Hudef Sports
HUDEF HD4.5Hudef Sports
Hudef XL1.1Hudef Sports
Hudef XL1.2Hudef Sports
Hyper LitePickleball Paddles Plus
Hyper WidePickleball Paddles Plus
HyperFeatherA11N Sports
HyperFeather SEA11N SPORTS
IconHarrow Sports
IconDiadem Sports
Ignite (I-Series)Pro-Lite Sports
Illuminate (I-Series)PROLITE Sports
Illuminate 2.0 (I-SERIES)PROLITE Sports
IllusionYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
IncipioSelkirk Sports
InfernoOnix Sports
InfinityBig Dill Pickleball Company
IntimidatorBaseline Racket Sports
IntimidatorPAC Pickleball Paddles
InvigorArmour Pickleball
Invigor 8Armour Pickleball
InviktaSelkirk Sports
IonGamma Sports
It’s 5 O’Clock SomewhereHEAD
JesterGamma Sports
JetFranklin Sports
JuiceWilson Sporting Goods
Juice CarbonWilson Sporting Goods
Juice TeamWilson Sporting Goods
Juice XLWilson Sporting Goods
JuniorShot U12OneShot Pickleball
Kahuna PSPP02PIKO Sports
Kane PSPP04PIKO Sports
KatanaFranklin Sports
Kicking HorseRiverStyks LLC
Kicking Horse 2.0RiverStyks LLC
Kicking Horse 3.0RiverStyks LLC
King GraphiteMonarch Pickleball
Koa PSPP03PIKO Sports
Kratos AThird Shot Drop
Kratos BThird Shot Drop
Kratos CThird Shot Drop
Kratos DThird Shot Drop
Kratos EThird Shot Drop
Kratos FThird Shot Drop
Kratos GThird Shot Drop
Kratos HThird Shot Drop
Kratos IThird Shot Drop
KSONEKesai Co., Ltd
LaLa with RandallFranklin Sports
LatitudeSelkirk Sports
Latitude GraphiteSLK By Selkirk
Legacy Graphite-PaperPickle-Ball Inc.
LEGENDGamma Sports
Lighting ProSingleton
Lighting Slim ProSingleton
Lightning SlimSingleton
Long SwordMonarch Pickleball
M-80PC Pickleball Paddles
Macaw Pro 1Macaw Pickleball
Mach 5Paddletek
MagicMatrix (INA International LTD/FGL Sports LTD)
Magnum GraphitePro-Lite Sports
Magnum XPPro-Lite Sports
Manta NexusManta World Sport
Manta Pro Team Honeycomb CoreManta World Sport
Manta RayManta World Sport
Manta Ray XPManta World Sport
Marble-LiteGolden Pickleball
Master Wood PaddlePickle-Ball Inc.
Match Point, PK 22Pickleball Kitchen
MatrixManta World Sport
Matrix Black LiteUnknown
Matrix Black MaxUnknown
MaverickOnix Sports
Maverick #1516ZZT Sports
MAXDot Pickle Ball
MAXEngage Pickleball
Max 90Paddletek
MaximaSelkirk Sports
Maxima AmpedSelkirk Sports
Maxima Amped LiteSelkirk Sports
Maximus ExtentusYour Pickleball Place
MaxorYour Pickleball Place
Maxor QTYour Pickleball Place
Maxor UltraYour Pickleball Place
Medalist KaleidoscopePickleball Pros (now known as Duck Paddles)
Medalist WavePickleball Pros (now known as Duck Paddles)
MeleeMonarch Pickleball (Dick’s Sporting Goods)
Merak P1Shenzhen Skatewing Sports
Merak S1Shenzhen Skatewing Sports
Mercenary 2Monarch Pickleball (Dick’s Sporting Goods)
Mercenary GraphiteMonarch Pickleball
MetalLite ClassicPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
MetalLite ForcePickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
MetalLite StretchPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
MetalLite WhisperPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
MicronGamma Sports
Micron 2. 0Gamma Sports
Micron WY:16:05Gamma Sports
MirageGamma Sports
MNSTR PowerBabolat
MNSTR TouchBabolat
Model EElectrum Pickleball
Model IPerfect Paddle Company
Monarch Youth PaddleMonarch Pickleball (Dick’s Sporting Goods)
MysticEngage Pickleball
Nautilus ProEastport Pickleball LLC
NeedleGamma Sports
NeoSelkirk Sports
Neo GraphiteSLK By Selkirk
NeutronGamma Sports
Neutron 2.0Gamma Sports
Nexus AlloyPickleball Paddles Plus
Nexus Carbon-GraphitePickleball Paddles Plus
NFL PRO SERIESFranklin Sports
NitroManta World Sport
NovaUpstreet Sport Co.
nüLITEnüplay sports
nüPROnüplay sports
nüREACHnüplay sports
OculusTMPR Sports
Oculus LXTMPR Sports
Oculus XTTMPR Sports
Odyssey AmbassadorOdysportsz
Odyssey VirtuosoOdysportsz
OIOSEN Graphite 1.0AoHeng Technology
OmniSelkirk Sports
Omni AmpedSelkirk Sports
Omni Amped LiteSelkirk Sports
Omni PrimeSelkirk Sports
Onix Sports WoodOnix Sports
OriginalBig Dill Pickleball Company
OutbreakOnix Sports
Ovation FlightProKennex
Ovation SpeedProKennex
Ovation Speed IIProKennex
Ovation TouchProKennex
P1Master Athletics
P220Harrow Sports
P225Harrow Sports
P230Harrow Sports
P3 FireAkisana
P30Eastpoint Sports Ltd.
P50Eastpoint Sports Ltd.
P60Eastpoint Sports Ltd.
Paddle Candy Sea TurtleVulcan Sporting Goods
Paddle Candy Sugar SkullVulcan Sporting Goods
Paddle Candy the Ellen FundVulcan Sporting Goods
Paradigm 1XPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Paradigm PBZ1PaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Paradigm PBZ2PaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Paradign 2XPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
PatriotPAC Pickleball Paddles
PerfectionWater Sports, LLC
Phantom 2Onix Sports
Phantom 2 CompositeOnix Sports
Phantom WidebodyOnix Sports
Phaser 2.0Gamma Sports
Phoenix G6Paddletek
Phoenix LTEPaddletek
Phoenix ProPaddletek
Phoenix Ultra IIPaddletek
Pickleball Guru BreathBaseline Racket Sports
Picklesword 1Picklesword
PilotGamma Sports
PinGamma Sports
Pinnacle ProApex
Pipe Down PickleballAlvariup
PitbullterrierUniker Sport Co.
Play HardAthlete Ratings
PoachEngage Pickleball
Poach AdvantageEngage Pickleball
Poach ExtremeEngage Pickleball
Poach IconEngage Pickleball
Poach Icon BladeEngage Pickleball
Poach InfinityEngage Pickleball
Poach PrecisionEngage Pickleball
Polypro TracerPickle-Ball Inc.
PowerPro-Lite Sports
Power Play ProPaddletek
PowerShotOneShot Pickleball
Powershot 2.0OneShot Pickleball
Precision ProPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Prime EpicSelkirk Sports
Prime S2Selkirk Sports
Prince Quantum PROPaddletek
ProITZA Sports
Pro 1.0X SPAK
PRO 3.0X Spak
PRO 4.0X Spak
PRO 6.0X Spak
Pro CircuitBaddle Pickleball
Pro FlightProKennex
Pro S1 CSelkirk Sports
Pro S1 C+Selkirk Sports
Pro S1 GSelkirk Sports
Pro S1 G +Selkirk Sports
Pro Speed IIProKennex
Pro TouchProKennex
PRO X SERIESscuddles
Pro-II Wood PaddlePickle-Ball Inc.
ProBetterProBetter L.L.C.
Profile TeamWilson
Proshot 2.0OneShot Pickleball
ProShot SeriesOneShot Pickleball
ProtonGamma Sports
Prototype PN2000Pickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Prototype PN2010Pickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
Prowler CF, EQ8GPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Prowler EQ8-96PaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Prowler XL, EQ8XLPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
PS-001Panel Sound
PS-FBR001Panel Sound
PS-NMX001Panel Sound
PulseEngage Pickleball
Pursuit EXEngage Pickleball
Pursuit EX 6.0Engage Pickleball
Pursuit MXEngage Pickleball
Pursuit MX 6.0Engage Pickleball
PythonFranklin Pickleball
Quantum ProPrince Pickleball
Quiet StingYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Quiet Sting BladeYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Quiet Sting MaxYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Quiet ThunderYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
RacerGamma Sports
Radical EliteHEAD
Radical ProHEAD
Radical Pro LHEAD
Radical TourHEAD
Radical Tour COHead
Radical Tour GRHead
Radical Tour LHEAD
Radical XLHEAD
Raider EQ7-99PaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
RallyMatrix (INA International LTD/FGL Sports LTD)
Rally FlarePickle-Ball Inc.
Rally FlarePickleball Central
Rally GraphitePickleball Central
Rally Graphite 2.0Pickleball Central
Rally Graphite PowerPickleball Central
Rally Graphite Power 2.0Pickleball Central
Rally Graphite Power 5.0Pickleball Central
Rally MeisterPickleball Central
Rally NX GraphitePickleball Central
Rally NXTPickleball Central
Rally PX GraphitePickleball Central
Rally PXL GraphitePickleball Central
Rally PXT GraphitePickleball Central
Rally Tyro 2 ProPickleball Central
RampagePAC Pickleball Paddles
RangerDuck Paddles (formerly Pickleball Pros)
RaptorZZT Sports
RavenEngage Pickleball
RazorGamma Sports
RazorWater Sports, LLC
RBEL PowerBabolat
RBEL TouchBabolat
Re-Ignite Lite with edge guardViking Sports, LLC
Re-Ignite with edge guardViking Sports, LLC
ReacherTopp Pickleball Inc.
Reacher GraphiteTopp Pickleball Inc.
React Dual FusionOnix Sports
React Nomex CoreOnix Sports
React Poly CoreOnix Sports
RebelPro-Lite Sports
Rebel PowerSpin 2.0PROLITE Sports
Rebel Pro-Black Diamond SeriesPro-Lite Sports
Red DragonPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
ReflexGo Time Gear
RenegadeManta World Sport
ResponsePrince Pickleball
Response ProPrince Pickleball
RetroWater Sports, LLC
Retro 65 TBrick*House Paddles
Retro RoseSweet Pickle
ReviveTopp Pickleball Inc.
Revive GraphiteTopp Pickleball Inc.
RevolutionBaseline Racket Sports
RevolutionPickle-Ball Inc.
RhinoPAC Pickleball Paddles
Rival OnePROLITE Sports
Rival PowerSpin 2.0PROLITE Sports
RNGD PowerBabolat
RNGD TouchBabolat
RocketIntersport North America (INA)
RocketPro-Lite Sports
RockstarPro-Lite Sports
Rogue 2Players Pickleball
Rogue ESIPlayer’s Pickleball
Rogue RS1Player’s Pickleball
Rogue S1Player’s Pickleball
Rogue2EPlayers Pickleball
Rogue2MAXPlayers Pickleball
Rogue2QPlayers Pickleball
RubiconRiverStyks LLC
RUBICON 2.0RiverStyks LLC
RZRGamma Sports
S2 AmpedSelkirk Sports
S2 Amped LiteSelkirk Sports
Sabre GSPaddletek
Sabre ProPaddletek
ScorpionYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Scorpion IIYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
Scorpion Pro BladeYour Pickleball Place (formerly Solid Wing Sales, LLC)
ScoutPlayer’s Pickleball
SHARDGamma Sports
ShieldHudef Sports
SignatureOnix Sports
Signature ProHai-Lite Sports
Signature SeriesAmazin’ Aces
SiirveSiirve Pickleball, Inc.
Silver FoxUpstreet Sport Co.
Single Shot PROGolden Pickleball
SinoSpeed GTSSinowest
SinoSpeed SSinowest
SinoSpeed TurboSinowest
SinoSpeed VIPSinowest
Sinowester SSinowest
Skatewing CFAShenzhen Skatewing Sports
Skatewing CFPShenzhen Skatewing Sports
SkylinePROLITE Sports
SledgehammerYour Pickleball Place
SniperPatriot Pickleball
Snow Bird Pro Honeycomb CoreManta World Sport
Sonic QTEL1Quitsa To Ent
Spark EliteHead
Spark Elite XTHead
SpartanEngage Pickleball
SpectrumPrince Pickleball
Spectrum ProPrince Pickleball
SpeedyJP WinLook
Spikes SelectZZT Sports
Spitfire ProSingleton
Spitfire SlimSingleton
Spitfire Slim ProSingleton
Splatter BGBaseline Racket Sports
Splatter OPBaseline Racket Sports
Splatter PPBaseline Racket Sports
StealthHarrow Sports
StingerPC Pickleball Paddles
Stryker 4 CompositeOnix Sports
Stryker 4 GraphiteOnix Sports
Sub ZeroOnix Sports
SummitOnix Sports
Summit C1 CompositeOnix Sports
Summit GraphiteApex
Summit OutbreakOnix Sports
Summit V2Apex
Sunset StrikerAramid Sports
SupernovaPro-Lite Sports
Surface NRGPro-Lite Sports
Surge LiteWilson
Surge ProWilson
Sweet Spot MaxxCoach Mo
Sweet Spot ProPaddletek
Sweet Spot R1/R2 ThickPaddletek
Sweet Spot R1/R2 ThinPaddletek
Sweet Spot R3Paddletek
Sweet Spot Ultra IIPaddletek
SwiftAero Paddles
Swift 2.0Aero Paddles
Swinger Wood PaddlePickle-Ball Inc.
Swit SSinowest
SwordHudef Sports
SynapseAugust Supply House
SynapsePaddletek DBA Prince
Synergy with edge guardViking Sports, LLC
T-Bolt ProSingleton
T-Bolt SlimSingleton
T-Bolt Slim ProSingleton
Tangent ProPaddletek
Tantrum GXTTMPR Sports
Tantrum LXTMPR Sports
Tantrum T3TMPR Sports
Tantrum VTMPR Sports
Teardrop-AG KGZZT Sports
Tempest 5.0Paddletek
Tempest paddle with white or yellow basePaddletek
Tempest ProPaddletek
Tempest Reign PROPaddletek
Tempest WavePaddletek
Tempest Wave IIPaddletek
Tempest Wave PROPaddletek
Test Model NameZZT Sports
The ClassicRiverStyks
The DaggerMonarch Pickleball
The Gripper – CGRÜVN
The Gripper – GGRÜVN
The HEAT, PK 11Pickleball Kitchen
The Launch – CGRÜVN
The Launch – GGRÜVN
the old schoolWhippersnapper
The OriginalKross Pickleball
The Pickleball GuruPro-Lite Sports
The Pure PaddlePure Pickleball
The Rounder – CGRÜVN
The Rounder – GGRÜVN
The RoyaleA.D.A. Sports & Rackets
The Sweet SpotCoach Mo
The Sweet Spot – ProdigyCyrus Sports LLC
The Sweet Spot LiteCoach Mo
The Sweet Spot MAXPAC Pickleball Paddles
The youngWhippersnapper
ThunderboltPAC Pickleball Paddles
Tidal WavePickleball International
TigrisRiverStyks LLC
TitanPro-Lite Sports
Titan ProPro-Lite Sports
TNTPC Pickleball Paddles
TorchHarrow Sports
TormentKross Pickleball
TormentKaos Pickleball
Tornado F5Manta World Sport
TorrentOnix Sports
Tour BLXWilson
Tour FinessePB Pro
Tour ForcePB Pro
Tour LiteWilson
Tour MaxPB Pro
Tour Max LitePB Pro
Tour ProWilson
Tour SignaturePB Pro
Tour Signature LightPB Pro
Tour WidebodyPB Pro
Tour Widebody LitePB Pro
Tournament ProPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
TourWidebodyUltraLitePB Pro
TPPlayer’s Pickleball
Tracker CF, EQ7GPaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
Tracker, EQ7PaddleBoardZ (aka PBZpaddles)
TRI-CORE GMSonnet international inc
TRI-CORE TSSonnet international inc
TributePro-Lite Sports
TridentEngage Pickleball
Trilove HYiwu Trilove E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
TriumphSelkirk Sports
TriumphPAC Pickleball Paddles
Triumph CSSTRCourtside Sports
TwisterGamma Sports
TY-01Shenzhen Tinya Paper Product Co.,ltd
TY-02Shenzhen Tinya Paper Product Co.,ltd
TYD01TYD Carbon/Tiapad
U.S.Shenzhen Kaixin Sports Goods Co., Ltd.
UltimateEngage Pickleball
Ultimateshot 2.0OneShot Pickleball
Ultimateshot SeriesOneShot Pickleball
UltraEngage Pickleball
Ultra Lite ProPickleball Pros (now known as Duck Paddles)
Ultra Sweet SpotPaddletek
Ultra Warp 9Paddletek
Universe 1.0X SPAK
V300 YouthVulcan Sporting Goods
V310 HybridVulcan Sporting Goods
V320 HybridVulcan Sporting Goods
V330 HybridVulcan Sporting Goods
V510 BladeVulcan Sporting Goods
V510 HybridVulcan Sporting Goods
V520 BladeVulcan Sporting Goods
V520 ControlVulcan Sporting Goods
V530 PowerVulcan Sporting Goods
V540 HybridVulcan Sporting Goods
V550 HybridVulcan Sporting Goods
V560 ControlVulcan Sporting Goods
V560 PowerVulcan Sporting Goods
V710 HybridVulcan Sporting Goods
V710 Lite HybridVulcan Sporting Goods
V710 MaxVulcan Sporting Goods
V720 ControlVulcan Sporting Goods
V720 Lite ControlVulcan Sporting Goods
V720 MaxVulcan Sporting Goods
V730 Lite PowerVulcan Sporting Goods
V730 MAXVulcan Sporting Goods
V730 PowerVulcan Sporting Goods
VaderPerformance One Paddles (POP)
Vanguard EpicSelkirk Sport
Vanguard Epic PowerSelkirk Sport
Vanguard InviktaSelkirk Sport
Vanguard Mach6Selkirk Sport
Vanguard Mach6 PowerSelkirk Sport
Vanguard MaximaSelkirk Sport
Vanguard OmniSelkirk Sport
Vanguard Power InviktaSelkirk Sport
Vanguard S2Selkirk Sport
Vanguard S2 PowerSelkirk Sport
Vèlocitè XtremePolytech Sports
Velocity GraphitePickleball International
VenomPickle-Ball Inc.
Venom 2Pickle-Ball Inc.
Vermont VenomNet World Sports
VertexOnix Sports
Victory CF3Pickleball Depot
Victory CF4Pickleball Depot
ViperFranklin Pickleball
Viper Carbon 2.0Franklin Pickleball
Viper GraphiteTopp Pickleball, Inc.
VoltFranklin Pickleball
VoltageGamma Sports
Voltage 2.0Gamma Sports
Voltic 1.0Aniviia
VortekProTek Paddles (Wild Sales, LLC)
Vortex 2.0Pickle-Ball Inc.
VoyagerOnix Sports
Voyager ProOnix Sports
Warp 9 R1/R2 ThickPaddletek
Warp 9 R1/R2 ThinPC Pickleball Paddles
Warp 9 R3PC Pickleball Paddles
WasatchSiirve Pickleball, Inc.
Washed in the OceanHEAD
Whippersnapper GraphiteWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper GTWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper KLXWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper KLX-IIWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper KLX-PWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper KLX-WWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper KVLRWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper PTWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper PTXWhippersnapper
Whippersnapper PTX-ELWhippersnapper
WhomperPickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
WolfeWolfe Products, Inc
Wolfe X3Wolfe Products, Inc
Wolfe XLWolfe Products, Inc
Wolfe XL ProWolfe Products, Inc
Wolfs Graphite XFWolfe Products, Inc
WoodyManta World Sport
X-1000Franklin Pickleball
X-CaliberFranklin Pickleball
X-ChargeFranklin Pickleball
X-FactorFranklin Pickleball
X-FinityFranklin Pickleball
X-VibeFranklin Pickleball
XJ 900Topp Pickleball Inc.
XJ 900 GraphiteTopp Pickleball Inc.
XL LitePickleball Now (Escalade Sports)
XL1.3Hudef Sports
XLTPerformance One Paddles (POP)
XNPlayer’s Pickleball
XOROAccufli Inc
XPPlayer’s Pickleball
XP-100 HA PROPAC Pickleball Paddles
XP-100 HF PROPAC Pickleball Paddles
XP100PAC Pickleball Paddles
XP200PAC Pickleball Paddles
XP300PAC Pickleball Paddles
XP300HAPAC Pickleball Paddles
XP300HFPAC Pickleball Paddles
XP300HPPAC Pickleball Paddles
XP400PAC Pickleball Paddles
YorkPickleball New England
Z-TekProTek Paddles (Wild Sales, LLC)
Z3Onix Sports
Z5 OutbreakOnix Sports
Zcebra GraphiteZCEBRA
ZEN 2Onix Sports
ZPK-02CZeus Sporting Goods Co.
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