Where to buy used pickleball paddles: A complete, definitive guide to finding a deal

If there’s a used pickleball paddle for sale out there, it’s likely listed in one of these locations below.

And if you see a paddle listed in one of our other reviews:

You might be able to find the same paddle for much less using the below links. It will take a bit of work if you have a particular paddle in mind, but the extra work will pay off in savings.

A lot of medium to high end paddles will run you a up to a couple hundred bucks, so nabbing a used one in good quality can save some serious dough.

There are a lot of places to find used paddles.

I’ve collected a comprehensive set below:

What stores and retailers sell used pickleball paddles?

Pickleball central is one of the best and largest pickleball retailers around. They have a range of used, returns and open box paddles available here.

Although the paddles are used they do still offer a 30 day warranty against manufacturing defects. They usually have a great range of paddles to choose from that are significantly discounted and may bring an expensive paddle that’s out of reach into your budget range.

Pickleball Galaxy is another large retailer to check out for used paddles. Find their list of used paddles here: They also provide a 30 day warranty in relation to manufacturers defects.

Play It Again Sports has a used Pickleball Paddle section here. Be careful: I noticed some weird items in here that aren’t really pickleball paddles such as paddle tennis racquets and a weird 4 in 1 paddle that for badminton, ping pong and other sports. Just double check that you’re actually buying a pickleball paddle!

Bell Racquet Sports has a handful of paddles available (demo paddles and gently used). At the time of this writing they only had Paddletek branded paddles as options to buy:

Total Pickleball has a small selection of used paddles as well.

Buying Used Paddles from Online Marketplaces

With all marketplaces, it’s buyer-beware! There is no guarantee with buying directly from another person, so be sure to check all of the information made available through the marketplace:

Amazon has used paddles available in addition to new. These are offered for sale by individuals or businesses, not Amazon directly. Click through to this search that will find all of the options for pickleball paddles on amazon that are available used.

You have to click through the “Used and New Offers” for the particular paddle you’re interested in to see the exact price. Obviously you get the convenience of using your Amazon account to pay, if you’ve got one.

I’d personally stick to buying only Used – Like New or Used – Very Good. I generally steer clear of just “Good” and “Acceptable.”

Facebook Marketplace combines both locally available and shippable options for used pickleball paddles. Unlike Pickleball Central and Pickleball Galaxy, Facebook Marketplace, along with the rest of the options on this marketplace list do not offer any kind of warranty. You are buying as-is so it’s a bit riskier, but the prices will be lower as a result.

One benefit, of course, of buying locally is that you can see and handle the paddle before buying. Check out the offerings here.

Ebay, the oldest used merchandise store online, is still an active and vibrant market for used stuff, including pickleball paddles. You’ll find that sometimes there are options for local pickup which can further help you save.

On that page you can select Auction or Buy it Now. Buy It Now items are available to purchase right away. Auctions typically end after 7 days and you’ll have to bid against others.

Since Buy It Now is a fixed price set by the seller, you have a better chance at a deal by finding an auction that doesn’t get much activity. As of this writing there are over 100 used pickleball paddles for sale on ebay!

Mercari: A number of good options here. With Paypal payment you can split up larger payments into multiple installments which is convenient.

OfferUp: Another marketplace similar to Facebook Marketplace that’s focused on local commerce. You can also find pickleball paddles that can be shipped.

SideLineSwap: I’ve never used this platform, but if you’re STILL looking for the right used paddle deal by this point, this is one more online marketplace option

Options that are probably more trouble than they are worth

Craigslist: while there are certainly people who are going to sell pickleball paddles locally on craigslist, it doesn’t seem like many do. I wasn’t able to find a single pickleball paddle for sale anywhere near me.

Granted my area isn’t a hotspot for pickleball but even checking large cities in Florida, it’s slim pickins. Since it doesn’t cost that much to ship paddles and since craigslist listings tend to fall off after 30 days if unsold, there isn’t a ton of value in searching here for only local pickup options.

Estate Sales and Garage Sales: similar to craigslist, you are at the mercy of luck here. Again, while I’m sure it is certainly possible to find a paddle at an estate sale or garage sale, you might be waiting a while and visiting a lot of sales.

My recommendation would be to check out estate sales that post images of what is for sale, so you can be sure they have some before taking the time to go. You’ll have better luck if you’re looking near pickleball courts and senior communities with pickleball.

Local pickleball clubs and courts: always possible they may have some used items for sale.

Did I miss any options for where to find deals on used pickleball paddles?

Good luck!

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