Where Is The Elevator In Super Pickleball Adventure

Where Is The Elevator In Super Pickleball Adventure

Pickleball is a very popular sport in the US. Until January 2022, a game with a fast-paced sports genre called Super Pickleball Adventure was released. This game is also quite popular because it has simple gameplay and can be played via the website.

This game has a pretty interesting storyline. At the beginning of the game, we will do a tutorial or training with a character who is the father of our character. After that the game continues with an adventure to become a great pickleball player and will defeat a character named The Champion. Then what is the elevator in this super pickleball adventure game? Before you fight The Champion you are required to find an elevator or it is like an elevator that takes you to the final place.

Who Made Super Pickleball Adventure?

Super Pickleball Adventure game was created by a game developer named Andrew Murray, or commonly known by the nickname Andrfw. He has made various short narrative games that can be played online or through the website.

Since 2017 Andrew began actively developing games with his own characteristics. To date Andrew has made several games 100 Fishing Game, Super Dunkman, and Birdlock. And the most famous game that he make is Super Pickleball Adventure.

Super Pickleball Adventure Speedrun

Playing games is usually a relaxing and relaxing activity, but what if we play games with the goal of completing the entire game very quickly? In the gaming world, this is called a speedrun. People speedrun games to show their prowess in playing and setting records in the game.

There are so many people who have tried to set a speedrun record for the super pickleball adventure game. Some people manage to finish in 11-14 minutes. there are even those who can finish this game in under 10 minutes.

Super Pickleball Adventure Secrets

Each game has its own uniqueness and special features. Some game developers create special features and hide them in the game so that they cannot be accessed easily by everyone. Usually, as a game player, we will become curious if there are secret features that can be found in the game.

Super Pickleball Adventure is a simple adventure game, but does this game have an interesting hidden secret? Okay there are several things we can do to be able to find a secret in the game. In this game the possibility of hidden secrets is in the form of hidden stories or secret opponents or secret items.

To find the hidden secrets in this super pickleball adventure game we have to check every character in the game. Talk to each character to see the effects that appear next. Then make certain movements while competing against the enemy, we can try to make certain movements to see the reactions given by each character. Finally, explore every corner of the map. Check for strange or suspicious things, such as objects that are not related to pickleball.

Super Pickleball Adventure Mobile

Game super pickleball adventure tidak tersedia pada platform mobile. This game is only can be played on yout pc or laptop. And right now the game just can be play online with your browser. It’s not available to be downloaded. Because you need to control your character using your keyboard.

So if you want to play this fun game. You can open your browser on your laptop or pc and search for Super pickleball adventure game. You can already play the game and don’t need to login anything on the website.

Super Pickleball Adventure How to Get 10 Fish

Where Is The Elevator In Super Pickleball Adventure

One of the games he created was “100 Fishing minigames”. Andrew incorporated the game into the pickleball super adventure game as a minigame. In this minigame, you are required to fish 10 fish in order to proceed to the next stage. This is interesting because completing this minigame is also quite tricky.

Here’s how you can get 10 fish in super pickleball adventure. The key is to adjust the tempo, pressing the button precisely when the fish is right in front of you. The precision of this button press is very important so that you don’t lose the chance to catch the fish. If you press the button at the wrong time, the fish you’ve caught can run away and you’ll have to catch it all over again.

Where Is The Elevator In Super Pickleball Adventure?

Typically near slightly elevated areas such as platforms, balconies, or ledges.

In Super Pickleball Adventure, the elevator is located on the third floor of the Pickle Palace. After completing the challenges and puzzles on the second floor, you can use the stairs on the right side of the screen to reach the third floor.

Once on the third floor, you will have to pass through obstacles and enemies until you reach a large room with neon lights called the “Elevator”.

The elevator entrance is usually accompanied by a distinctive sign or color to make it easy to spot. If you’re close enough to the elevator entrance, the game will ask you to interact with it to continue your adventure to the next level or area.

How to Beat Momoko in Pickleball Adventure

In this game, you need to beat 3 lord pickleball and one of them is named Momoko. Momoko is a ninja, she can make her shadow clone when play pickleball. So her skill maybe will make you feel difficult to beat her. But you can use this trick to win game against her.

You always start with a service ball, after momoko hits your ball back, she will create a shadow clone. And when you hit back, one of the momoko that hit your ball will turn into a log. That’s when you get your chance. You just need to redirect your ball to a place far away from the original momoko. So you can get points easily.

Games Like Super Pickleball Adventure

This year, we have so many video games that similar to Super Pickleball Adventure. But here 2 video games that recommend for you. Pickleball Smash, this game is playing on PS4, PC, Xbox one and Nintendo Switch. And one other is Pocket Pickleball. You can play Pocket Pickleball on your mobile phone which Android or Iphone.

Here some descriptions for those games.

  • Pickleball Smash

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Gameplay: 3D simulation offering single-player tournaments, multiplayer matches, and various challenges. Focuses on realistic gameplay with detailed visuals and motion-captured animations.

  • Pocket Pickleball:

Platform: iOS, Android

Gameplay: 2D arcade-style game with simplified controls and single-player tournaments and challenges. Focuses on quick rounds and casual fun.

You can find more games that have pickleball gameplay themes on the internet. And don’t forget to play the games with your friends.


In conclusion, you need to try this game even if it’s just once. Even if you’re not playing pickleball for real, you can still have fun playing this game. The game isn’t too difficult actually, though you might struggle with the character controls and ball movement at first. But then you’ll get used to the game.

You can use some of the tips from this article when playing the game. Hopefully, you can also finish the game and share the fun with your friends. Please like and comment below if you like this article!

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