10 Easy Steps On: How to Make Pickleball Paddles?

Do you know how to make pickleball paddles? Then don’t worry. I will tell you that. You can make pickleball paddles in your home. This will provides you a customized pickleball paddles for you. You can make a pickleball paddle according to our playing style and in the mean time you can also save money. A premium pickleball paddle costs around $10 to $100 in market. Always remember to refer the official paddle measurement while making new pickleball paddles.

Pickleball Paddle Compositions

Pickleball paddle is basically made up of main three compositions. They are-

  • Graphite/Carbon
  • Polymer
  • Wood


Pickleball paddle is made from carbon, is soft, produces bounce properly. This type of material produces a large sweet spot to play shots with consistency.


Polymer is a very common material uses in a pickleball. Polymer offers good bounce, softness, etc. Though it produces less power, but the control provides polymer pickleball paddle is awesome.


We all know wood is a hard material. It produces high power, bounce to play the shot. Wooden pickleball is uncommon in todays time for its lesser durability.

how to make pickleball paddles

How to make a pickleball Paddle? The answer

Making a pickleball paddle is very interesting and enjoyable task. You have to go through several steps. Like-

  1. At first you have to cut the material according to your required shape and size.
  2. Then you have to apply gum to the core and the face part of the pickleball paddle.
  3. By using a clamp, you can attach them tightly.
  4. After few hours when they attached properly, rub the edges with sandpaper for smoothness.
  5. You can also provide shapes according to you.
  6. Last but not the least you can give finishing touches to your pickleball paddle.

Steps to make a pickleball paddle

Making pickleball paddles includes several steps. But it is also not a very difficult task to do. In this section of article, we will discuss such 10 points on how to make pickleball paddles.

1. Materials

You have to gather materials like carbon, composite, wood, polymer, etc. These are the main compositions from which pickleball paddles are made up of. You have to choose which kind of material you want. You also have to purchase carbon fiber sheets, edge guards, epoxy, sand paper and grip material.

2. Paddle Core

Core is the innermost part of a pickleball paddle. There is a definite shape and size of a standard paddle core. According to USA Pickleball paddle core is like oval or tear drop.

3. Face Material

You have to attach the face material on the both sides of pickleball paddle core. The face material is basically made from fiber glass or carbon fiber sheets. You have to use gums/ epoxy to attach the sheets. This makes the pickleball paddle more durable.

4. Edge Guard

The very next step to attach on edge guard around the perimeter of pickleball paddle. Edge guards are basically made from comparatively durable rubber. Edge guard provides an extra protection to the pickleball paddle while playing.

5. Handle

Now your pickleball face is ready. All you need to add a handle to pickleball paddle. You can also add a grip material made up of leather. This leather grip give you comfort while playing shots.

6. Finish

Now your pickleball paddle is almost ready. All you need to rub it with sand paper to make it smooth. After this you can add paints acording to your choice. You can also seal the edges of paddle for extra protection.

7. Testing

You have to test several factors including weight, dimension, and the performances also. Always remember the pickleball has to met all the standard regulations and rules. Play at least a game with your friends with this new pickleball paddle. I hope from the above discussion you have clearly understand that how to make a pickleball paddles?

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Additional Tips

8. Drilling Holes

You can also create holes on the face of pickleball paddles. The holes on the face directly involve in speed and control of pickleball via aerodynamics. This gives you the unique experience of playing pickleball. Make sure the holes are under the pickleball regulations.

9. Weight Distribution

According to weight distribution of a paddle you can categorize a paddle into several categories like Head-heavy, Balanced, Head-light, Mid-weight, etc. Every type of pickleball paddle has their own speciality. Some are useful to play heavy shots, some are beneficial while playing controlled shots with balance. So, this is up to you on which type of pickleball paddle you want.

10. Player’s feedback

This is the most important part of how to make pickleball paddles? You have t test your newly made pickleball paddle with some experienced player. They will give a feedback on your paddle. If there need any adjustment they will tell their inputs and you can also implement them.


I hope from the above passage you can understand how to make pickleball paddle. As I told you before, making a pickleball paddle is not so difficult. Besides, cutting down the cost, it also saves you the total expenditure of playing pickleball game. Moreover, you can also customize your paddles according to your requirement. But before any kind of customization, make sure they meet all the regulations of pickleball.


1. How to make Pickleball paddles?

Ans: You have to follow several steps like gathering material, creating paddle core, make the face, attaching edge guard, adding handle, testing, etc.

2. Can you 3D print a pickleball paddle?

Ans: Yes, In this digital era it is also possible to 3D print a pickleball paddle.

3. Can I paint my pickleball paddle?

Ans: Yes, you can paint your pickleball paddles according to you.

4. Can I put stickers on my pickleball paddles?

Ans: Yes, you can put stickers. But they must have to accordingly under the pickleball regulations.

5. Do you get sweaty while playing pickleball?

Ans: Yes, It sweats a lot while playing pickleball.

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