How Long Does a Pickleball Ball Last? The Ultimate Answer

Are you thinking about how long does a pickleball ball last? Then this article is for you. A lot of factor plays vital role on the lasting of a pickleball ball. That includes the material of the ball, the surface on you are playing, frequency of playing, style of playing, etc. Basically a pickleball ball lasts for 3-5 games on average. But it totally depends on the factors mentioned above. If you watch any cracks or bounce losses then you have to replace the ball immediately.

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Factors depending on lasting of a Pickleball Ball

It is a very tricky question to answer how long does a pickleball ball last. There are lot of factors affecting the lasting of a pickleball ball. It is very hard to say anything about on lasting of a pickleball ball. In this section of article we will discuss on such factors

1. Material

Material is also an important factor that affect on the lasting of a pickleball ball. Pickleball balls are basically made from polymer. A good quality ball is comparatively thinner than other ordinary balls. As the thickness increases, there is a probability to crack the ball. Also a good quality of polymer pickleball lasts more.

2. Playing Surface

Lasting of a pickleball also depends on the surface you are playing. In indoor pickleball game the surface is smooth, that is why this cause little impact on pickleball ball. On the other hand in the case of outdoor pickleball, the surface is rough in compared with indoor rough surface will deteriorate the ball quickly.

3. Frequency of Play

The more you play with a pickleball ball, it will deteriorate quickly. As you hit the ball, it contacts to the surface of ground. This causes several damages to a pickleball ball. After a certain period of time the ball lost its performance and you have to bring in a new ball.

4. Style of Play

Your style of play determines how long does a pickleball ball last. Aggressive shots, hard hits, long rallies, powerful shots causes your ball to crack. This is also the reasons for lasting a pickleball for 2-3 games.

5. Storage

You have to store your pickleball ball in a proper place. If you store in a cool place it may wrap and also if you store the pickleball ball in a very dry place, it may degenerate. Because pickleball ball is made up of plastic. Also direct sunlight can make bad effects on pickleball ball. This will also causes the discoloration of the pickleball.

6. Accidental Damage

If you play hard shots on the ground directly, it can make the ball damage. Any other accidents, drops, collisions causes dents or cracks on the pickleball ball. So always try not to play shots on the ground directly.

How long does a pickleball last? The answer

This is a quick answer: Basically a pickleball ball lasts for 3-4 games if it use regularly in a high performance game. However it is very difficult to say it. Because it depends on several factors like material, playing style, frequency of play, etc. Though a good quality of pickleball lasts longer than usual.

Tips to make Pickleball Long Lasting

In this section of article, I will share with you some tips. These will help you to make your pickleball ball long lasting.

1. Don’t hit the ball on the ground

Lasting of a pickleball ball depends on how hard you hit the ball on the surface of the ground. By hitting several times on the ground not only tears the ball, but also shorten the lifespan of a ball. To avoid hitting on the ground, try to hit the ball on the air. Moreover you can also try to fly the ball before serving instead of bouncing it on the ground.

2. Try to use softer Pickleball Paddle

When it comes on how long does a pickleball ball last. Definitely there is a clear role of paddle. Always try to use soft kind of pickleball paddle. A softer paddle will absorb the force while making contact on the paddle. This will also help you to prolong the lifespan of your pickleball ball. On the other hand a softer pickleball paddle will provide you less power to hit the ball and at the same time it will also give you more control on the ball.

Lifespan of Indoor Pickleballs Vs Outdoor Pickleballs

Indoor pickleballs and outdoor pickleball are quite similar except few minor differences. Both of the ball looks similar from outside. But indoor pickleball has 26 holes and outdoor pickleball has around 40 holes on the surface of the ball. Moreover outdoor pickleball is made up of comparatively thicker and rigid polymer. While in the case of indoor pickleball, it is made up of light polymer, which produces less bounce.

From the above discussion you have already understood that indoor pickleball cracks easily. But they don’t have to face the weather condition. The weather of outdoor changes the ball very quickly, this causes the less lifespan of an outdoor pickleball.

Indoor pickleball is played by comparatively softer pickleball paddles. On the other hand, the outdoor game is played by comparatively hard paddles. Which also denies to absorb the pressure. This cause to tearing the pickleball ball.


I hope from the above discussion you have got a clear idea on how long does a pickleball ball last. Always try to implement those to get long last of your pickleball ball. A quality pickleball ball generally lasts for 3-4 games. But that possible under several terms and conditions. Every time before playing pickleball, just simply check the ball whether there is any cracks, dents or loss of bounces. If you find any of those, then you have to understand that this ball is not in a state of play. Use new ball and enjoy the game.


1. How long does a pickleball ball last?

Ans: Generally a good quality of pickleball ball lasts 4-5 games under several terms and conditions.

2. When should I replace my pickleball?

Ans: When you see any cracks, dents, or major loss of bounce, then you should change the ball.

3. Do pickleball lose their bounce?

Ans: Yes definitely, after playing certain number of games a pickleball ball started loosing its bounce.

4. How can I make my pickleball last longer?

Ans: You have to do several things to make your own pickleball long lasting like store the balls in cool and dry place, clean them after use, don’t step into the balls, etc.

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