Champion Pickleball Paddle Reviews [2021]

If you really want to develop your pickleball game, having the right paddle is essential.

For a paddle that will really strengthen your play and improve your technique, one of your best options is the Champion pickleball paddle range from Pickle-Ball Inc. 

Champion Pickleball Paddle Reviews

In this article, we’ll be reviewing 5 paddles from Pickle-Ball Inc.’s Champion paddle range.

We’ll discuss each product as a whole and provide pros and cons for each model so you can see at a glance which paddle will suit you best. 

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First, though, let’s take a closer look at the company: 

All About Pickle-Ball Inc.

Pickle-Ball Inc. was founded in 1972 by Barney McCallum. McCallum is one of 3 inventors of the game of Pickleball, which first came together as a concept in the summer of 1965. 

McCallum wanted to create a fun, competitive game that anyone, of any age, could play at any level.

The result of his and his friends’ brainstorming was pickleball, and since its invention, the game has gone on to gain popularity as a fun sport for all the family.

As pickleball started to grow in popularity, Pickle-Ball Inc. began to manufacture more and more equipment for the game.

The company creates balls, nets, and apparel, but it’s best known for its impressive range of paddles, of which the Champion collection is one of the most popular. 

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The Champion Eclipse is one of Pickle-Ball Inc.’s most popular pickleball paddles. 

This isn’t just because of the incredibly high quality (something that, as you’ll see, is pretty consistent throughout the Champion range) but because it’s perfectly suited to pickleball players of all abilities.

Whether you’re a seasoned pickleball player hoping to enhance your existing skills or a beginner looking for a high-quality paddle to get you started, the Champion Eclipse will serve you well! 

The Champion Eclipse is a mid-to-light-weight paddle, which means you’ll be able to enjoy the effortless maneuverability of a lightweight paddle along with the balanced weight and power or a middle-weight paddle. 

The construction of the Champion Eclipse makes this paddle durable and powerful as well as high-performing.

It is wear-resistant and less likely to develop ‘weak spots’ than other paddle models. 

The polymer honeycomb core enlarges the sweet spot of the paddle and makes for even energy distribution. This provides more power overall and a more satisfying feel.

The layer of graphite helps to distribute energy over an even larger surface area for consistency, while the lightly textured surface layer provides spin on impact for greater control. 

Finally, the reinforced neck design and ribbed, perforated, cushioned grip come together to complete this highly ergonomic and reliable pickleball paddle. 


  • Suited to all abilities 
  • Performance-enhancing honeycomb core 
  • Durable graphite layer 
  • Textured surface for spin 
  • Ergonomic handle 


  • May be slightly too light for some players


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The Champion Graphite X is another pickleball paddle that will enhance the play of pickleball beginners and professionals alike! 

Much like the Champion Eclipse, the Champion Graphite X features a polymer honeycomb core for energy distribution and sweet spot expansion.

The Graphite X also features a textured graphite face which is not only capable of delivering impressive power but also enhances spin and impact distribution. 

The handle, once again, is ribbed and perforated with a cushioned, comfortable grip free from sweat interference.

This handle is, however, slightly shorter than that of the Champion Eclipse, at 4.5 inches compared to the Eclipe’s 5-inch handle. 

What we love most about this paddle is how well it can adapt to various modes of play.

Where other paddles may perform noticeably better on one type of shot than another, the Champion Graphite X brings the benefits of its high-quality construction to every stroke, whether it’s a serve or a dink. 

This is a middle-weight paddle, so it’s slightly heavier to handle than the Champion Eclipse.

However, being a mid-weight paddle, the Graphite X makes a sensible all-round choice since it strikes a good balance between control and power. 


  • Suitable for all skill levels 
  • Polymer honeycomb core 
  • Textured graphite face 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Highly adaptable 


  • Some customers find the handle too short


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The Champion Graphite Elite certainly lives up to its name: using this paddle, you’ll be an elite pickleball player in no time! 

This is a lightweight paddle with a 5-inch handle, specifically designed for more advanced players. 

In terms of internal construction, the Graphite Elite is very similar to the Graphite X and the Eclipse, in that it has the same polymer honeycomb core and textured graphite face, along with the perforated and ribbed cushioned handle. 

Where the Graphite Elite really comes into its own is in technical play that requires a lot of technique and control.

This is because of the fast-reacting lightweight build and elongated handle, which allows more room for grip adjustment and maneuverability. 

If you look at the shape of the paddle, however, you’ll notice that it is narrower and less square at the base, and wider at the top.

This head-heavy design allows for more power and follow-through on bigger shots despite the lightweight build. 

The Champion Graphite Elite, as its name suggests, is perfectly suited to more advanced pickleball players due to its control-enhancing features.

This is a great choice for anyone with plenty of experience and practice playing pickleball - the only downside being that this paddle, consequently, probably isn’t the best choice for beginners. 


  • Lightweight for control 
  • Head-heavy for power 
  • Polymer honeycomb core 
  • Textured graphite face 
  • Elongated, ergonomic handle 
  • Ideal for experienced players 


  • May not be the best choice for beginners


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The Champion Spark pickleball paddle is another lightweight paddle design built for speed, control, and dexterity.

However, unlike the Graphite Elite, the Spark isn’t just suited to more experienced, technical players. 

The Champion Spark is the pickleball paddle you’ll need if you’re an improving player hoping to continue to enhance your technical skills. 

Despite its lightweight build, the Champion Spark features a honeycomb polypropylene core with enhanced thickness to improve durability and power.

The power behind each shot using the Champion Spark will catch you off guard considering how light it feels to handle.

The reason it performs so powerfully is a combination of the thicker core, the strong composite face, and the head-weighted design that helps you to follow through on the shots that really matter. 

The average-length 5-inch handle is actually well above average in terms of the performance it allows.

The handle length enables fast, intuitive, and comfortable wrist movement so you can meet every shot that comes at you with a fast reaction time. 


  • Good for improving technique 
  • Lightweight for better control 
  • Powerful on big shots 
  • Thick honeycomb core 
  • Strong composite face 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Suitable for various skill levels 


  • Some customers would prefer a smaller handle for increased control


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Pickle-Ball Inc. has manufactured many pickleball paddles that are suitable for all-round use, regardless of ability.

However, if you really want a paddle that will perform almost equally well in the hands of a beginner as with an intermediate player, your best option is the Champion PolyPro. 

The honeycomb polypropylene core of the Champion PolyPro is thicker than those built into the other Champion paddles.

This makes the paddle more durable, as does the tough fiberglass face with polycarbonate overlay. 

The thickness of the honeycomb core makes the PolyPro a highly adaptable paddle because it absorbs and reduces vibration for better control while enabling extra power for bigger shots.

Additionally, because the Champion PolyPro sits between middle and lightweight on the weight spectrum, it creates an ideal balance between control-oriented lightness and power-oriented weight. 

The 5-inch ergonomic handle design is a perfect standard length for all playing styles and abilities and features the same ribs and perforations as other Champion models for enhanced comfort and grip. 


  • Extremely durable 
  • Highly adaptable 
  • Thick polypropylene honeycomb core 
  • Strong fiberglass face 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • Ideal for all abilities 


  • Some isolated reports of defective construction

Final Thoughts

It’s clear from reviewing the majority of Pickle-Ball Inc.’s Champion paddle collection that these paddles are game-changers in the world of pickleball. 

From the powerful and durable internal honeycomb constructions of each paddle to their consistently ergonomic handles, we can confidently recommend any of Pickle-Ball Inc.’s Champion paddles to pickleball players everywhere. 

One of the best things about Pickle-Ball Inc.’s Champion range is that there is something for everyone: whether you’re a complete newbie or searching for the perfect paddle to get into advanced, competitive play, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for amongst this range! 

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