How to make a Pickleball practice wall?

There is an old saying “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, when it comes to play Pickleball, you need to do a lot of practice to improve your game, tactics and get perfection in the game. But, not every time someone will be available with you to play and practice games. You need to do it alone and here you need a Pickleball practice wall.

But, you are not an expert who can build a practice wall to play and practice Pickleball. Still you can build it by following the easy to do steps that we will be discussing next. When you think that “How to make a Pickleball practice wall?“, a lot of questions arises in your mind like What to do?, From where to start?, What tools you need? and many more.

How to make a Pickleball practice wall?

As a professional Pickleball player, I am here to answer all your queries and help you in making a Pickleball practice wall. I have did it several times and practiced a lot to improve my skills. So, let’s start with me.

How to make a Pickleball practice wall? Full Guide

A Pickleball practice wall is specially designed to practice and furnish your game by practicing against a wall by striking the ball against the wall. By building a practice wall, you will get the freedom of practicing at any time, you don’t need to wait for someone. But, the wall should be made like that you can drill every aspect of the game and improve.

You can purchase a readymade wall to hang and practice, but it’s better to make it yourself accordingly your need and playing skills. So, let’s start.

How to make a Pickleball practice wall ?

Required Material and Tools:

  • 4×8 sheets of 1/2 or 3/4 inches thick plywood
  • 1×2 lumber
  • Nails or Screws
  • Measuring tape
  • Adhesive
  • Sea saw
  • Drill, Screw driver, hammer, etc


Step-1 : As per your own preference, make decision about the size of the wall. Make it clear that how tall or high it would be. For example, you have to make a wall of 3m length and 1.5 m height.

Step-2 : Now, you have to make a frame for the wall using lumbers.

  • First, place two lumbers of length 1.5m parallel to each other on a distance of 3m.
  • Now, place two more lumbers to connect the previous lumber with each other; forming a square frame.
  • Fix them with each other using nails or screws with the help of screw driver or drill. You may also apply adhesive for better jointing.

Step-3 : The wooden frame for the wall is ready now. It’s time to place plywood on it.

  • First, cut the plywood of required size frame using saw.
  • Now, place them on the frame and check properly from edges to the corners that it covers the frame thoroughly.
  • Using screwdriver, screw nails over the plywood to fix it on frame.
  • Screw nails over all the corners and edges to fix all the sheets of plywood over frame.

Step-4 : The structure of the practice wall for Pickleball is ready. Now you need to apply wood putty on the wall for outer finishing. Also it will fill the ridges left in between the plywood sheets.

Step-5 : Before the practice wall is ready to practice Pickleball, one most important thing is still left; that is marking the net height.

  • Before marking the net height, you may colour the wall with blue or green coating of paint.
  • Now, you can use white or yellow colour to mark the net height.
  • For marking the net height, draw a 2 inches wide strip of white or yellow colour along the width of the wall at a height of 34 inches.
  • You may also use coloured tape as a marking for net height.

So, like this your practice wall is ready to play and practice Pickleball and make yourself master of this game.

Things to keep in mind before making practice wall:

Its better to keep in mind and look after about certain things before you start making practice wall for playing Pickleball so that you won’t regret later.

  • Practice Area: This is the most important thing to consider. Just think, you have made a practice wall in an area where you don’t have enough space to move and practice, then it will be useless. So, always consider the area which must be larger than half of the size of Pickleball court.
  • If you prefer to play doubles, then you can take its width half of the actual Pickleball court, as you have to cover half court in game. So, you will be able to practice accordingly.
  • For practicing for singles games, you need to make it as wider as the actual Pickleball court width. It will help you to concede and cover the wider shots.

How to reduce noise of Pickleball striking on practice wall?

As the Pickleball strikes on the practice wall, it will cause a lot of noise which may be headache for you and may loose your concentration on practicing. So, to fix this excess noise you can use acoustic foam or rubber around the wall. A thick rubber layer may also be applied on the wall. This will surely help you to reduce noise while Pickleball practice.

Can you practice Pickleball on a concrete wall?

Concrete walls used to be a solid structure and when you use it as a rebound surface for Pickleball practicing then it may damage your Pickleball. The Pickleball is usually made of plastic and on consecutive strikes for several hours, it will be deformed or damaged completely.

So with my personal experience, I will suggest you to make a Pickleball practice wall and practice on it. It will keep your Pickleball safe and doesn’t cost the price of damaging of pickleballs. So, be wise and choose Pickleball practice wall.

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Hope you have followed this guide about “How to make a Pickleball practice wall?” thoroughly and now your practice wall is ready to master your skills in Pickleball. And with my personal experience, I convey you that this practice wall is going to be a big turning point in improving your skills.

If you are facing any problem in making practice wall for playing Pickleball then go ahead and feel free to ask us in comments below. We will try to answer all your queries there.

And if you play in doubles or mix with your friends, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues, so that they can also improve their game and help your team to get successive wins in upcoming games. Have a nice day!

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