How many pickleball courts are in the villages?

Pickleball is becoming popular day by day in whole nation and The Villages is not an exception in this. Pickleball has become more than a sport to the people of The Villages. Everyone in the Villages wants to learn and enjoy this game and to do so they are eagerly searching for a Pickleball court near them. So, to help you know “How many Pickleball courts are in the Villages?” we are here to help you.

We will also discuss the major locations of pickleball courts in the Villages and what facilities do you get there. The Villages is rapidly becoming an epicenter of Pickleball courts and Pickleball players. Young lads as well as the old one are searching for the courts to enjoy this game.

As an Pickleball player, I have visited the Villages several times and have played on several courts. So, I have a good knowledge about the courts thereon. I will be suggesting you the best courts where I have played. So, let’s start.

How many Pickleball courts are in The Villages?

There are more than 400 Pickleball courts in the Villages of Flourida as per the available data. Out of them, 29 are completely dedicated to Pickleball with permanent nets and lines. These 29 complexes include multiple courts to play and enjoy Pickleball.

The Villages is becoming a hotspot or the epicenter of Pickleball. People here are taking interest in this sport and a lot of people are investing here to build Pickleball courts to make money by providing subscriptions to play game.

You can easily find Pickleball courts with permanent nets and lines in each and every corner of The Villages. The locations of pickleball courts in The Villages can be find easily on the maps. Both Indoor and outdoor courts are available to play here.

How many Pickleball courts are in The Villages?

Other than the permanent courts, hundreds of temporary courts are also available everywhere in The Villages of Flourida. Even this number can be more than 1000. At these temporary courts, you don’t find permanent nets and lines, so you need to bring your own net otherwise you have to play on a tennis net.

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The Story behind the Pickleball courts in The Villages

As I have told you that, The Villages is a hotspot of Pickleball courts and you can find a good court in every part of The Villages. But, what’s the story behind this exponential growth of Pickleball in The Villages. Let me explain.

If we go 20 years back, then the craze for Pickleball is not much in The Villages. There were a lot of tennis courts here, but not of Pickleball.

The story takes us 18 years back when Deane Chickering moved to The Villages from Connecticut. He saw there that a lot of people are going in athletics, they are swimming, playing tennis and playing golf. A thought hit Chickering’s mind, that he should play Pickleball on every tennis court available there. And he began his mission to play Pickleball on every tennis court.

How many Pickleball courts are in The Villages?

His enthusiasm for playing Pickleball is next level and it spreads the awareness about this game in the locals and that’s why this game becomes so popular in The Villages. He has become the brand ambassador of Pickleball there.

Some famous Pickleball courts in The Villages:

The Villages is famous for its Pickleball courts and here are a few famous courts:

1. Brownwood Paddock Square Pickleball Courts

Brownwood Paddock is one of the largest pickleball court in The Villages of Flourida. Here, 8 fully dedicated and permanent pickleball courts are available. These courts are perfect for pickleball enthusiasts to enjoy the game. This court is located Brownwood Paddock Square and everyone can do practice their games irrespective of their game skill levels.

2. The Villages Polo Club Pickleball Courts

This court is available in the heart of The Villages. It is also among the largest pickleball complexes of The Villages which is consists of 8 fully furnished courts where people can enjoy singles as well as doubles games.

3. Spanish Springs Town Square Pickleball Courts

This court is located in the middle of The Villages where 8 courts are available to play and practice Pickleball. One can enjoy the game here with friends. It is also among the largest pickleball courts of The Villages.

4. Lake Sumter Landing Pickleball Courts

This court have 8 pickleball courts to play game. This is situated in Lake Sumter Landing where the whole area is surrounded with beautiful landscapes. You can enjoy the game while enjoying natural vibes.

5. Creekside Park Pickleball Court

Here, 12 pickleball courts are established and is among the largest pickleball courts in The Villages. You will get an amazing experience while playing here with people of different skills. Playing with people having different skills help you in mastering your skills and improve your game.


Hope, you get the answer of your question “How many Pickleball courts are in The Villages?” along with the interesting story behind them. So, if you are from the nearby locations of The Villages, then you can visit there and take a chance to play and enjoy this game.

If your friends are also interested in playing Pickleball, then don’t forget to share this story with them. And if you have any queries regarding the game, then you can visit our homepage to find out more about the game. Have a nice day!

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