What is the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players?

It’s easy to find suitable Pickleball paddles for the beginners or expert level players, but it is quite tough to decide what is the best Pickleball paddle for intermediate players? But, you don’t need to worry about it as I am here to assist you in making the perfect decision for selecting the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players.

I have also played Pickleball for a decade and have a good experience in coaching students around Pickleball so I have the answers to all your queries. On the basis of my own experience, I will be discussing every aspect that matters in choosing the best pickleball paddle for an intermediate player like you.

Best Pickleball paddle for intermediate players

As an intermediate player, it’s too important to choose the right paddle to work further on your skills. At this stage, you can’t go further with a beginner’s paddle as it will give you more shot forgiveness and have a bigger sweet spot.

Advanced paddles can need more skill to operate well because they are typically designed for control or power. That’s why it becomes important to assess your skills and choose the right paddle for you. So, let’s start.

What is the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players?

When you assess your skill level in Pickleball and find out that you are an intermediate level player, then you definitely know the game and want to improve it more. At this level, you have acquired some skills in the game and now it’s time to work more on your skills to refine them. So, you need a paddle that can improve your control, performance and compliment your playing style.

There are several factors that you must know and keep in mind. Let’s discuss these factors in detail:

A blend of Power, Control & Spin:

During the game, you need to give your best. But the paddle you have also plays an important role. The power generated by the paddle, the control on shots and the spin of the pickleball after striking over the paddle is equally important.

So, you need to assess or examine your playing style to decide that where you are weak or where you are strong.

  • If you like to hit power shots then you should prefer to buy a long or heavy paddle that can generate more power.
  • If you want more spin of the ball, then you should go with the paddle having fine grit surface or texture that helps to spin the ball after striking.
  • Instead of an aggressive game, if you love to play a controlled type of game then the best option for you is a light weight and wide surface paddle.

Hope, it’s crystal clear to you now.

Paddle Materials:

Various materials are used to manufacture pickleball paddles like wood, graphite and composite. But for the intermediate players, the best option is composite material paddles. The composite materials include fibreglass or carbon fibre.

These come in medium price range and the performance is also optimum. Their surface has a nice texture which also helps in spin of the ball after striking. Alongwith their lightweight, they also offer a balance of power and control.

Paddle Size:

You should go with a paddle that is according to the rules and regulations of USAPA. As per the USAPA rule book, the total sum of the length and width of your paddle along with the butt cap or edge guard must not exceed 24 inches (60.96cm). Also the length of the paddle can’t exceed 17 inches (43.18cm).

For example, if the length of the paddle is 16 inches then it’s width can’t exceed 8cm.

Paddle Weight:

The weight of the pickleball paddles have an important role in your playing style. Pickleball paddles can be categorised in three different weight ranges – light weight (upto 7.2 ounces), mid weight (7.3 to 8.4 ounces) and heavy weight (above 8.4 ounces).

  • The lightweight paddles are best for the beginners as they are best in maneuvering and quick reflexes, but you can’t generate more power from them.
  • The mid weight paddles are a balanced blend of power and control, so best option for intermediate players like you.
  • The heavy weight paddles generate more power and are helpful in hitting hard shots in rallies. But because of more weight, it reduces the response time.

So, the mid weight paddles with weight range from 7.2 to 8.4 ounces is best for you. You will have the opportunity to control your shots along with generating power shots.

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Grip size:

Grip size or the handle size is important for generating more power on shots, so it’s better to have its size as long as 4.5 to 6 inches. If it’s length is more than 6 inches then it means the paddle face will be less than 11 inches which allows more error in the game, like missing the ball at edges and like that. So, 5 to 5.5 inches handle size is a great option.

Paddle core:

The core of the paddle also impacts your performance on court. In general,the paddle with honeycomb structure and aerodynamic design are more durable and strong. So, it’s better to have such paddle cores in your priority list.

Best Pickleball paddle for intermediate players


Hope you are now on the edge of making your own decision on the pickleball paddle which you should have, after going through this article on “the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players”. And I assure you that you’re not going to regret this decision forever.

If you still have any questions in your mind and want answers, then don’t be shy to ask us in the comments below. I will be happy to resolve your each and every query.

And if this article really helped you in making your decision on choosing the right pickleball paddle as an intermediate player, then share it with other players whom you think are at intermediate level. Have a great day!

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