How many calories does doubles pickleball burn? 4 Important factors

Do you know how many calories does doubles pickleball burn? Like any other game pickleball also burns calories whether it is a single or a double pickleball game. Calorie burns depend on several factors like gender, age of the player, length of the game, physical intensity you are putting in the game, etc. For this reason, doubles pickleball gained popularity among the players. It has been proven that an adult burns around 300-450 calories in a game that lasts for 45-50 minutes.

Pickleball game has got immense popularity not just as a game, but it also helps in burning calorie, keeping physically fit, keeps your mental health good by social interaction. So, in this article, we will discuss the various facts about burning calories, tips to maximize the number of calories, and several health benefits.

Calorie burning factors

In this section of article, we will discuss more details on how many calories does doubles pickleball burn. Well, it depends on several factors.

1. Weight

Weight is an important factor in burning calories. People with less weight will burn fewer calories and the heavy weight people will burn more. Weight of 160 pounds individual burns around 195-350 calories, weight of 200-pound people burn around 260-460 calorie and even more weight of people burn up to 700 calories. So, for fat people it will be a great opportunity to lose weight by playing pickleball game.

2. Intensity of play

Intensity plays crucial role in burning calorie in pickleball double. Quick movements of body, speedy Footworks, heavy shots will burn more calories than a lesser intensity of game. In a high intensity game players like to play longer games. That is the main reason why people choose pickle ball to burn calories without any workout.

3. Duration of game

No doubt duration of the game plays a crucial role in burning calorie. A longer game will burn more calories than shorter game. You should select the duration of the game according to your requirement of burning calories.

4.Temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity also a vital factor in a pickleball specially when it comes to calorie burning. If you are playing in low temperature and humidity, then it will burn less calories than while you are playing in a high temperature zone and humid area.

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Tips to maximize the no. of calorie

In this section of article, I will share you on how you can maximize the number of calories you want to burn:

  • Playing in higher intensity
  • play longer game than usual
  • Play in hot or humid conditions
  • Drink plenty of waters

Health benefits of playing pickleball

While finding the answer of how many calories does doubles pickleball burn i got some important health benefits. And you will be very surprise to listen to them.

1. Cardiovascular health improvement

Pickleball not only burns calorie but also provides a good exercise of heart. While playing pickleball, heart pumps rapidly and it spreads bloods throughout the body. That is why your cardiovascular muscles got strengthen and works properly. This is also reducing the probability of heart attack by blocking veins.

2. Increase muscle strength

As you know that there is a role of various muscles of our body while playing pickleball. Regularly playing pickleball will strengthen your body muscles. While playing pickleball movement of the muscles increased, that is why the core strength of muscle also increased.

3. Improve bone health

Pickleball also improves your bone health and endurance. Playing pickleball regularly will strengthen your bones in the body. Bones present throughout the body got stressed by playing pickleball, therefore it also improves your bone health.

4. Reduce stress levels

Like other sports pickleball also reduce your stress levels. The games left impact not only on your body but also impacts on your mental health. This game provides social interaction which will help in your mind relaxation and stress free. Social engagement in an important part of pickleball game, which helps to reduce stress level.


I hope you got the answer of how many calories does doubles pickleball burn. I recommend those people who are looking forward to burn calories without any so-called workout. This pickleball game keeps you fit both mentally and physically. You can also play it outdoor as well as indoor with your kids, parents and grand members of your family. People are gradually attracting on this game for its wide range of benefits.


1. How many calories does doubles pickleball burn?

Ans: This is totally dependent on the age, weight of the person. But it has been proven that an adult burns around 300-450 calories in a game that lasts for 45-50 minutes.

2. Will I lose weight by playing pickleball?

Ans: Yes, definitely. Pickleball not only burns calories but also reduce the fat of your body and lose weight.

3. Is pickleball a high impact sport?

Ans: No, Pickleball is a low impact sport.

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