What is a Golden Pickle in Pickleball?

Have you ever heard ‘Golden Pickle’, then you must know what is a golden pickle in pickleball. ‘Golden Pickle’ generally uses in a certain situation where someone plays extraordinary shots or left any impression on the game. Though there are no such certain rules on golden pickle in the USA pickleball official rulebook.

What is a Golden Pickle in Pickleball

We may have some misconceptions about the terminology of golden pickle. People also thought that there must some gold. Let’s bisect the term-


This terms actually presents some memorable, encouraging situation. It also describes some impressive game of pickleball.


It is very clear that this refers to the pickleball game. When a player wins the game without scoring any goals from the opponents, (situation like 6-0) that is called ‘Golden Pickle’.

How can you achieve ‘Golden Pickle’:

Achieving golden pickle is a very difficult task and is a rare moment while playing pickleball game. In this section of article, we will discuss on how you can achieve this golden pickle in pickleball.

1. Strong serve

If you really want to achieve golden pickle, then you have to serve some strong shots. Only strong serve can allow you to nail down your opponent. By strong serve you can win the game without any goals from opponent.

2. Perfect volleying

Volleying is another part of pickleball game. Perfect volleying always allows you to stay ahead in the game. Perfect volleying in right direction will help you to win the game without any goal from your opponent. This is also a way to achieve golden pickle.

3. Intense playing

We all know that playing with intensity will always help you to win the match. Like that in pickleball right serve, perfect volleying, proper footwork, balance of your body will allow you to achieve golden pickle. This is also another way where you can win the match without having any goals from your opponent or create some extraordinary situation to achieve golden pickle.

4. Great team effort

In single game of pickleball only you have to give effort to get golden pickle. But in pickleball doubles you must require a great team effort to win golden pickle. You need a proper understanding, clear communication, to make the game 6-0. Look in pickleball doubles no doubt golden pickle is a very difficult task and it is also a very rare moment. But you need a regular practice with your partner to achieve this feat.

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Remember few things:

  • Golden pickle is a rare moment in only high intensity games. It is very tough to achieve golden pickle.
  • You have to win the game without any serving from your opponent to create golden pickle moment.
  • Another way to achieve golden pickle is while playing game, you have you produce any special or memorable moments in the game.
  • Some of the score card of golden pickle is 11-0, 11-2, 11-7, etc.


I hope from the above discussion you have a clear idea on what is a golden pickle in pickleball. No doubt it is a verry rare situation in a pickleball game. But there is a possibility to achieve golden pickle by highly skilled pickleball players. Moreover, you can also say that the opponent has to be comparatively less skilled than the player to grab golden pickle.


1. What is a golden pickle in pickleball?

Ans: A golden pickle is a special moment where you have to win the match without any goals from opponent or you have to create some memorable moments in pickleball game.

2. Is golden pickle an official term?

Ans: NO, there is no such terms in the official USA pickleball rulebook.

3. Is golden pickle common in pickleball?

Ans: No, Golden pickle is a very rare moment in a game of pickleball.

4. What will the scorecard look like to achieve golden pickle?

Ans: The scoring scenario looks like 11-0, 11-2, 11-7, and many more.

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