Wilson Pickleball Paddle Reviews [2021]

When it comes to pickleball paddles, Wilson is certainly one of the best brands around.

They seem to know exactly what we want from a pickleball paddle, and get all of the key components we all look for in a paddle.

The hard part can be deciding which of their pickleball paddles you want! To help you with this, we have decided to compile a little review here of Wilson Pickleball Paddles. 

Wilson Pickleball Paddle Reviews

We are going to be looking at four of their pickleball paddles in, each of which is slightly different and in a different color.

Even when you are looking at just one brand like Wilson, it can be pretty overwhelming when you see the amount of choice you have.

We hope this article will help you find the pickleball paddle that is best for you. If not, head over to my article on the Top Rated Pickleball Paddles which includes complete reviews and comparisons. 

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The first pickleball paddle that we wanted to show you is the Tour Pro model.

This has a hitting zone made from Exclusive Fiberglass and Textured Skin to make sure that all of your shots have good power and more feel when you hit. 

It gives you that distinctive pop and feels super lightweight thanks to the Polymer Power Comb Technology, allowing for a softer feel when you are holding the paddle and more control in your shots.

It also ensures you are protected against abrasions because of the Shock Stop Dampening Bumper Guard.

The red and black colored design looks slick and professional, adding a pop of color to your game. 


  • Slick design 
  • Protects against abrasions 
  • Excellent grip 


  • Some people may prefer a different color, perhaps one that is more vibrant rather than just a slight pop of color


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Next up we have the excellent Energy Pro model. First up, we can't avoid talking about the color!

That electric blue and neon green make for a very eye-catching paddle to wow your teammates and friends.

It’s a nice lightweight model, coming in at 0.25 pounds, meaning you get excellent control when using it.

It has the Fiberglass Composition Blend to give you extra flexibility and ensure the paddle is durable.

Like the first Wilson paddle we talked about above, it also has the same Shock Stop Dampening Bumper Guard that extends the life of your paddle and protects you against abrasions.

The moisture-wicking design also helps to strengthen your grip. No more dropping the paddle because of sweaty hands! 


  • Doesn’t allow for moisture to inhibit your performance 
  • Allows for excellent control 
  • Bright, vibrant color makes it a popular choice for those who like that 


  • Some people found it a little on the heavier side 


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What we liked most about this one is its Graphite Composite Hitting Zone.

This sweet hitting spot makes for a more reliable play on the courts and ensures durability.

Like the ones before it, it also has the Polymer Power Comb technology to maximize the feel of each shot.

Likewise, it has the additional Shock Stop Dampening bumper to protect against abrasions and extend the life of your paddle. 

The color is white and it has multi-colored specks on there too, allowing for a pop of color.

We always think a white paddle looks clean...although how long it will stay that way is anyone’s guess! 


  • It’s very comfortable to use 
  • It is built to last 
  • It has excellent control on the ball 


  • Some people may be put off by the white color as they may think it will look grubby a lot faster than darker colors


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This is the slightly lighter version of the Tour Pro that we discussed further up in the article, making it a great choice for players who like to be totally in control of each shot.

You get excellent flexibility with this paddle thanks to the Exclusive Fiberglass Composite Blend.

This also works with the Textured Skin Augments to give you excellent levels of power and spin.

As it is made so lightweight, you get a softer feel from the paddle, whilst not compromising on grip thanks to the moisture-wicking technology.

The core is made from Polymer Power Comb Technology to ensure power and control in every shot. 


  • A sleek, darker colored paddle than some of the others by Wilson thanks to its red and black design 
  • A great choice for those with smaller hands 
  • It gives excellent levels of control like the pro version 


  • Although it is lighter than the pro version, it seems that both versions of the Tour paddle are a little on the heavier side 


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This Pickleball Paddle is a great choice for those players who look for all-around performance in the game.

Much like the other paddles on this list, the Profile model has excellent levels of control thanks to the Graphite Composite Hitting Zone.

This provides excellent durability whilst you are playing, as well as ensuring each hit is a reliable one.

It has a Cushion Aire Perforated grip that features a design made to resist moisture.

This allows you to hold the paddle with excellent grip, even when you are sweating buckets at the end of a game. 


  • An excellent all-rounder 
  • Great for those people looking for durability above all else 
  • Eye-catching design and color 


  • It is not the best choice for those looking for more pop


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The Surge Pro model is a great choice for those pickleball players looking for power over a long period.

If your play or practice tends to go on for hours then this is the model for you.

As with all of the Wilson models, it is designed with durability and control in mind, featuring some excellent technologies to ensure you get just that.

A stand out feature in this paddle, as with all the Wilson range is the moisture-wicking technology to ensure you don’t lose your grip.

As well as this, this paddle has the Shock Stop Dampening Bumper guard which works to extend the life of your paddle as long as possible. 


  • If durability and longevity are your main concerns, this is the paddle for you. 
  • Excellent levels of grip and control, as with most Wilson Paddles
  • Dark colors for that professional look 


  • Some customers have found that this particular model is more prone to defects so do bear this in mind.  


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The Surge Lite, as you may have guessed, is very similar to the Surge Pro we discussed above.

This model, however, is made to be lightweight. It ensures power and durability, allowing you to maneuver it far easier when you are on the court.

It also features a hybrid blend of Polymer and Fiberglass for a lightly textured feel and more power.

It also has a shock-resistant bumper guard to protect against abrasions, ensuring the longevity of the paddle. 


  • Moisture-wicking material to ensure better grip 
  • A great choice for a beginner or intermediate player 
  • Offers a softer feel and more durability. 


  • Not the best if you are looking for finesse and preciseness  

Why Choose Wilson?

Wilson is a reputable sports brand that has been doing what they do for many years.

They are used by some of the biggest names in the sport, providing clothing, gear, and equipment for a range of sports from tennis and basketball to golf and American football.

They are an American company, established in 1989 in Chicago, Illinois.

With all these years behind them and the reputation they have for supplying racquets to Roger Federer and equipment to huge sports teams such as the Chicago Bears, and even being the Official Ball for the NFL 21-22, it is no wonder that they are so well respected in the industry.

If these facts alone aren’t enough to make you want to buy from Wilson, we don’t know what will be! 

What To Look For When Buying A Pickleball Paddle


Ensure the paddle will be comfortable for you to hold by ensuring it is the right size for your hands and that it is not too heavy for you to use.

You will likely be holding it for long periods whilst playing and so you should keep comfort in mind as a key component of the paddle. 


Control, when you are playing pickleball, is super important.

Ensure you are choosing a paddle that has built-in technology and is lightweight to ensure this control.

All of the Wilson models we have listed meet this requirement. 


The last thing you want is for your paddle to break after just a few weeks of use.

Look at other reviews for the model you are interested in to see how it fared for other customers.

You should also look for paddles that have a technology to stop abrasion. 


Lastly, you should choose a paddle that has moisture-wicking technology to ensure that you retain an excellent grip on your paddle, even in your sweatiest game. 

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