How long do pickleball games last? Everything about it!

Do you know how long do pickleball games last? Well, I must tell you that, there are several factors that influence pickleball game lasting. According to USA Pickleball Association it takes to 20 to 30 minutes for a standard pickleball match to finish. pickleball match depends on several factors like court size, serve rotation, skill levels, scoring system etc. In this article we will discuss all the factors related on how long do pickleball games last.

How long to pickleball games last?

Length of a pickleball game varies on person to person, but average length of pickleball game is 20-30 minutes.

Factors influencing pickleball game

As i told you before, there are several factors which influence the duration of pickleball match. They are-

1. Court Size

Size of the court always affect in the game duration. No doubt playing in a smaller size of court will take lesser time compared to playing in the bigger size of pickleball court. Players gather more points in smaller size of court compared with the bigger pickleball court.

2. Serve Rotation

In the case of doubles, players rotate their playing end after scoring goal. This serves rotation takes longer time than usual game time. Serve rotation also adds attraction in the game as it brings more competition in the game.

3. Skill Level

No doubt it is very difficult to beat skilled players. Skilled players play unplayable serves, right foot work, proper body balance, etc. That is why getting score is delayed. This skill level is also affect on the length of the pickleball game.

4. Rally Length

Rally is nothing but the shots exchange between the players in a single point. Longer rally will increase the length of the game. But quick serves, fast-paced game may shorten the duration of the game.

5. Friendly games Vs Tournaments

While playing with friends there is no time limit in the game. Usually, the games are shortened in length. You can play as your own time limit. But in the case of tournaments there are several games to be played between the teams. This causes sometimes increment in the length of the game. Though there is a fixed time limit to finish each of the game in tournaments.

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6. Scoring System

Scoring system also effect on the length of the game. You can choose different scoring patterns like 11 or 21. When the game is played in the point of 11, It will be a shorter game. On the other hand, if the point is 21, It get delayed to finish off the game.

7. Singles Vs Doubles

In single pickleball game there are only two players playing. Less shots played by the players to win the game. This takes less time to finish the game. On the other hand, pickleball double splayed with minimum four player. More serves, exchange of shots will take more time to finish the game.

8. Players Stamina

This is only applicable in the case of friendly match or in any tournaments. Players with more stamina will be able to play longer duration of games. Though stamina helps to play strong serve, intensive and competitive game.

9. Close Score

Some of the pickleball game comes to end with close score. In this situation the game has to extend to get results. This close score games causes delays in the game situation.

10. Quick Pace

The nature of the pickleball match is quick pace. That is why it finishes quickly compared to other games like tennis, racquetball, and table tennis. This is the main reason for gaining popularity day by day.


I hope you got an overview on how long do pickleball game last. As we already told that pickleball is a quick pace game and it finishes off very quickly. But the average duration of a pickleball match is 20-30 minutes. pickleball is played not only just as a sport, but for its several different aspects like fitness, social engagement, etc.


1. How long do pickleball games last?

Ans: A single pickleball game lasts for 20-30 minutes.

2. How many games are there in a set of pickleball?

Ans: Normally pickleball is played in 3 games of set.

3. Is it okay to play pickleball everyday?

Ans: A game of pickleball every day, Is a wonderful activity.

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