What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs?

Are you confused between indoor and outdoor pickleballs, then you must know what is the difference between and indoor and outdoor pickleballs? I hope you know that pickleball game can be played both indoor and outdoor. So, both indoor and outdoor game requires different types of balls. Their structures, weights, durability, performances and even colors are different. Both of the balls have different also bounce.

So, in this article we will discuss the differences between two balls in details.

what is the difference between and indoor and outdoor pickleballs

Indoor Pickleball Vs Outdoor Pickleball

There are lot of differences between indoor and outdoor pickleballs.


  • Indoor

In indoor pickleball there is less air, and you have to play comparatively slow shot. So, the materials use in indoor pickle balls is softer kind of plastic. So that you can play in a limited space.

  • Outdoor

The fact is totally opposite in the case if outdoor pickleball game. In this case there is comparatively high wind for friction. So, the materials use in outdoor pickleball is comparatively harder than the indoor pickleball. Also, there is a lot of space while you are playing outdoor pickleball.


All we know that there are some holes like structure in pickleballs. Number of holes also differs in both types of pickleballs.

  • Indoor

In indoor pickleball there are approximately 26 holes and also the holes are larger. Larger hole occupies more air and that is why the moves slower.

  • Outdoor

There are approx. 40 holes on the surface of the outdoor pickleballs. While playing outdoor we get higher bounce, speed and also the ball moves very fast. The hole present in the outdoor pickleball is comparatively small than the indoor pickleballs.


  • Indoor

The weight of indoor pickleballs is comparatively lighter. Low weight balls also moves slowly and in this case, we need a slow speed and bounce ball. So, to me this is the perfect ball to play indoor pickleball with it.

  • Outdoor

Comparatively heavier ball is used in the case of outdoor pickleball game. Outdoor game is played in open air and the ball has to move faster, that is why the ball is made like that.


In both case durability of the ball is more or less same. Because each ball is made for their circumstances of play.

  • Indoor

The durability of the indoor pickleball is comparatively high. Shots played in indoor pickleball game are slower.

  • Outdoor

The outdoor pickleball is played at higher pace, the speed is faster, that is why there is a probablity of cracking on the ball. Though it is made of harder plastic material.


Performance of both of balls are impressive on account of their playing conditions.

  • Indoor

This type of ball has slower bouncer, it moves comparatively slower. That is why it comes to end with a slow type of game.

  • Outdoor

Outdoor pickleballs moves faster than indoor pickleballs. This kind of ball produces higher bounce. Outdoor pickleball performs really well when it comes to play pickleball match.


Players use different colors of ball for indoor and outdoor pickleball game.

  • Indoor

There is no direct role of sunlight in indoor game. So, players prefer to use generally bright yellow color. Because yellow is visible in such conditions.

  • Outdoor

In case of outdoor balls, players like to use different colors like yellow, green, orange etc. This color increases visibility for outdoor conditions.

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Indoor Vs Outdoor: Which one to choose?

Both indoor and outdoor games have their own specialty. Balls uses in both kind of game has their own flavors. No mention that pickleball not only a game it is more than a game.

Indoor Pickleball Game

This type of game generally has softer landing, lack of area and played in a limited space. This is a slower game to play. But the fact is indoor pickleball can be played in your garage, terrace, hall etc. You can also play with kids, parents, family and enjoy the moment.

Outdoor Pickleball Game

On the other hand, this type of game is played on pickleball court in open air. This has higher bounce, quick and faster serving, also higher speed. It will give you the pleasure of competition while playing pickleball match.


Never use the wrong pickle balls on the pickleball match. For outdoor pickleball game use the specific outdoor balls and use indoor pickleball for playing indoor pickleball game. Playing with wrong type of ball causes you to lose the game.


I hope you have no doubt on what is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs? Both types of pickleball have their own specifications. Also, both types of pickleball games have their own flavors. But at the end of the day pickleball is not just a game, its more than game for its social engagement.


1. What is the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleballs?

Ans: There is a lot of differences between indoor and outdoor pickleballs like structure, no of holes, colors, bounce, durability. etc.

2. How many holes are there in the indoor pickleball?

Ans: Approximately 26 holes on the surface of the ball.

3. How many holes are there in the outdoor pickleball?

Ans: Approximately 40 holes present in these kinds of balls.

4. Is both types of ball has same color?

Ans: No, both indoor and outdoor ball has their own different color.

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